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As soon as the launch of the feature allows users to play mini-games in the Facebook Messenger application, EverWing game has emerged as a very hot game, attracting almost every group to join the “Boss Raids ” As we all know, Facebook has recently launched the gaming feature right on its Messenger application is very interesting. Accordingly, the user has experienced extremely good games to entertain after hours of stressful study and work. So that, the EverWing game has suddenly become the most played game, upset the whole community Facebook, which has made the group “extremely active”.

EverWing APK+DATA Download Mod Gold version for Android

Mini-game EverWing is a cute graphics game, produced by Blackstorm Labs and launched in November 2016. In which the player will play a “fairy” or guardian to shoot monsters and try to survive, after a period of play and upgrade will be two pets (dragons) next to I have to confront the match. At first glance, this game has a very simple and beautiful interface, not much more details. Monsters are small in size and colorful and the bosses are designed to be big. However, it may be that some people will see too many colors on the screen, plus bonus money from flying monsters that will make you a little clumsy at later stages of the game.

How to play classic but very exciting

Do you remember the game “shot flies” or “chicken shot” in the past, EverWing has such a play, only you can only move its main object – a fairy, not horizontal Move up and down. This simple gameplay is also a big spotlight that makes the game extremely hot because it does not require too many skills, knowledge to be able to master. Players only need to spend about 30s to 1 minute to get acquainted is already able to fight as a real “fairy” then!
This game adds style and gradually upgraded and added strength, when through the door and destroy bosses as the game is more attractive. In addition, the game also features gift-giving and opening the box with the task sequence to bring a lot of attractive rewards. Is not it great?

It’s free, not pay-to-win

EverWing APK is a totally free and fair game. Players can not increase their power by recharging as many other games, but also plowing, together to kill bosses, open boxes, through the door, etc. The only way to increase the power and have more items is inviting more people to join the game.

Interaction between players is very good

Players can interact with each other, fight the boss together for a great goal, collect valuable gifts to upgrade the strength of your character. Even on Facebook, the community has set up groups and groups just to “unite” and play EverWing! EverWing is really a community game and has some addictive elements, so just wait and experience EverWing with your friends right away!

– Easy to play, hard to master
– Includes Power-ups and Bosses!
– Fast action on tablet or tablet
– Great sound effects and soundtrack
– Retro arcade feel
– Achievement
– Global Scoreboard

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