ExpressVPN (MOD, Premium)


ExpressVPN is the best VPN application on mobile devices. With over 145 locations around the world, you can connect anywhere

With the era of modern technology and the internet is one of the most important factors of life today, browsing becomes one of the essential needs of human. People browse the web to see what information they need to search on the Internet, they use their job information as well as satisfy their leisure needs in their free time. It can be said that almost human life is revolving around an open network. But that means you will have to declare your personal information to the whole world know. Actually, what is dangerous is waiting for the user cannot predict.

145 locations around the world

So if you are a smart internet user, you should equip yourself with a tool to protect from malicious people on the internet. Now you can find a lot of useful tools to keep yourself from being harmed. But the problem is you need to find a product quality and prestige that bring good service together with the service is updated regularly.

ExpressVPN – Best Android VPN is a service trusted by Android users around the world. Being an open source platform for mobile devices is quite risky. IOS is almost entirely confidential so should not be too anxious.

When using this application, you will be provided VPN access at the highest speed and absolutely secure. With over 10 million downloads and usage on Google Play, it has been an honor to be the preferred editor for Android devices across all user segments. Proxy VPN services will ensure you a private and confidential space. With just a few clicks of the screen, you can surf the Internet anonymously; almost no one can exploit your personal data through the process of browsing.

Fast, Private

Express VPNs need only users with full privacy rights to avoid the dangers of providing over 145 connection locations in 94 countries around the world. And besides, it does not limit the number of server transfers so users can switch zones as often as they like as long as they fit their needs. Its operational principle is quite simple as the system will encrypt all your connections to prevent third parties from interfering with and storing online activities. Actually, this way of surfing is much more than using the regular proxy.

Sum up

It is also available for free on Google Play so that it can be easily downloaded and used through Android devices. Large and popular areas such as the US, UK, Europe, Asia, Australia, and Africa are included so that users can quickly update and switch. Having trouble with any of the functions or issues that arise during the process of using the application can immediately contact the management of the application. They are online 24/7, so you can quickly answer all your questions. Besides, the application is updated regularly so your peace of mind; sometimes you have not reflected before, the problem has been corrected.

MOD Info?

To register, use any email;
The hardware binding of the application to the phone has been removed – you can use the trial period as much as you like;
After the trial period, clear the application data and re-register.
For VPN to work correctly, select the UDP protocol in the application settings.


Many people said, “Free Trial Unavailable” the system required payment. That’s right since a large number of free trial accounts were created, the publisher tightened up the registration process. What do you need to do? Very simple to solve this problem.

  1. Install another VPN application and connect to any location (Priority US, UK, Hong Kong, Singapore), you can use Turbo VPN
  2. Open ExpressVPN, proceed with the free trial
  3. Delete app Turbo VPN and use ExpressVPN as a primary VPN
  4. Note: Make sure to use a very random email and set the connection type to UDP from settings for best performance.
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27 thoughts on “ExpressVPN (MOD, Premium)

  1. Good job guys..really appreciated..tqvm

  2. Where’s the fucking download link? Idiot.

  3. do i have to make alot of emails for this app?

  4. no sorprise here, this page always have the best mods

  5. Thank you.

    Possible to update to 7.4.0 ?

  6. You should not do this ??? with the top vpn.

  7. Hi, i can not download the apk

  8. I cleared my data but it isnt still working on my 2nd free trial attempt 🙁

  9. only works for 7 days, notworking even memory clear, after 7days (like previous version)

  10. Working Fine
    1:-use another vpn first
    2:-connect server to Singapore
    3:-Open ExpressVPN, proceed with the free trial

  11. Please after using the free trial of Express VPN. I tried clearing it’s data and signing in with a fake Gmail but they are telling me trail unavailable.

  12. Please I followed these instructions and it came.

    1:-use another vpn first
    2:-connect server to Singapore
    3:-Open ExpressVPN, proceed with the free trial

  13. Best working site

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