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  • January 25, 2018
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Luci heartfilia is the protagonist of the anime-manga series. The dragon is one of the most powerful creatures in the world, and the human adopted dragon is called the Salamander – The Dragon Killer. You have probably guessed that I’m referring to Fairy Tail, right? Fairy Tail is one of the worlds most desirable for young people to explore because of its interesting.

A world set in medieval times where architecture is a huge mansion, powerful masters are worshipped, mysterious and terrible creatures are always waiting for you and above all the battles. The lunar eclipse is constantly happening every day. Tencent, one of the largest game consortiums in China, has opened PRE-REGISTRATION for its FAIRYTAIL game and has released a video trailer to satisfy the fans’ expectation. Let me point to the good points of your game offline.

Based on the famous manga and anime

Fairytail (by Tencent) APK is a turn-based RPG game where you can immerse yourself in any character you like and do the hard tasks assigned. As the game is made exactly like the story in the manga, you will have to take on the tasks assigned to the mage and complete it to make a living. Therefore, terrible battles will take place between you and the enemies or monsters. Also, you have to do your best to complete as many tasks as possible to earn a lot of money for yourself so competing with your co-workers is inevitable, but you will work with them when the association Other wizards came to war.

The official version of Tencent

When entering a real battle, you will be able to control your favourite characters in an attacking form. Players must plan a clear strategy to arrange the characters in the most scientific way depending on their ability and the way they own. After winning a stage, you will be rewarded with gifts worth the effort you have spent. There will be almost impossible challenges but be persistent as you will have more experience to decide exactly when to release important skills to determine the game. Not only that, but you can also improve your character’s strength, stamina, speed, etc. to improve your chances of winning.


This is a game produced based on a manga – the famous Japanese anime through talented hands of Tencent. The game is almost full of the difficult challenges that Lucy’s team goes through with beautifully designed, sharp and true. You will not stop admiring admiration and catch yourself to learn the story or game that tells you in a very new style. If you notice the sound is the same as in the original and the voice of the character is made to the same as possible.

Sum up

Are you a Fairy Tail fan? Download it. Are you a good gamer? Download it. Please pre-registered to get the latest information and download a super mobile game offline. Having fun.

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