Fallout Shelter (MOD, Unlimited Money)


Fallout Shelter is known as a game that provides the ability to run and manage people in the town for free. It sounds like the legendary SimCity, but the gameplay is completely different. As with SimCity, the player will be building an ideal city, Fallout Shelter simulates deep control of people’s lives. Fallout Shelter was first released on iOS by Bethesda Softworks in 2015. However, players can now enjoy it on both Android. Thanks to the extremely interesting gameplay style, the game has received the Best of the Year award in 2015. This not only helps Bethesda win pride but also makes its products reach the rest of the world.

A Better Life, Underground

Fallout Shelter is the change of people after the war. The life of the people is horrible and difficult. However, there are interesting and exciting secrets in the town. Living on the ground at this stage is not easy, even dangerous. The basement will be the ideal place for the life of the people here. Come to Fallout Shelter; players will be shown the ability to create the style of building unique basement personality.

Simple to play and addictive as hell

As a supervisor, players will have to create full-service basements for people’s lives. These include physical conditions and the spirit of them: food, drinks, activities, … Scale up to the whole town, the basement buildings need to be developed regularly. Players must constantly build and upgrade them. Each room is individually designed, upgrading them to meet the evolving needs of the people. To build more basements, players will have to unlock one by one. The order will gradually increase, the more layers, the more depth will be. Each room only supports a limited number of people, maximum can build 20 floors. Depending on the needs of the people, the player will send them to any room. If adjacent floors of the same level are connected easily. It will be much easier to immigrate.

In addition to building residential accommodation, players can also manage their private lives. Increasing the number of people will also increase the task more, but the speed of construction will be rapid. Players will be interfering in the personal relationships of the people. It may be a pair to breed, participate in production with the tools available, reclaim new land, … In addition to eating places, sleeping out, the costume is also a significant concern. Players will be able to get new outfits thanks to the Lunch Box feature in the game. In order to use the lunch box, you will have to complete the basic tasks in the game; this town will be characterized by your personality.

In this compassionate time, external hazards are also an important note for you. Attempts to occupy the area will probably take place on a regular basis. Players will need to be flexible to repair and repair damaged buildings. This requires your upgraded materials, so stock up a lot to prevent this. And there are some reasons for this type of conflict. So players have to build so many tunnels for residents. This disaster will be significantly reduced.


While the exterior details are designed in 3D, the character in the game is shown 2D level. This can be an exciting combination, space is still real and alive, and the character is exceptionally flexible, lovely. The color and motion effects are described smoothly. Contrast sets are used quite a lot, highlighting many details of the image. Of these, green is used in almost every aspect of the game. The use of blue is better for the eye than the other colors; players will not suffer eyestrain quickly when playing long. The interface is neat, minimalist, intuitive, easy to familiarize. Even if you are starting out, getting started is not difficult, as the guidance messages will show up often. Experience space is optimized dark, will help you focus on the game. There, gamers will be immersed in the shimmering, eye-catching Fallout Shelter.

If management and control are of great interest to you, Fallout Shelter will be an extremely good choice. Cool gameplay, fun and high-quality finishing, Fallout Shelter will not let you down. Let your friends experience the fun of this game. Fallout Shelter is free on the mobile app store, make good use of this.

MOD Info?
  • Money increase when spent!
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