Fap CEO (MOD, Unlimited Coins/Gems/Key)


Fap CEO – Modern life makes finding love and building a family is much more difficult. Therefore, many people decide to worry about their careers before looking for half meaning. There are people who have successfully built a successful company and are in the position of CEO. However, sadly they have not had a serious relationship with any girl. It is a pretty common story with the developed industry, including with Asian countries like Japan. As a result, new game makers offer products to satisfy men who are lonely and too busy.

Fap CEO is a relatively new product of the famous game studio Nutakun. They are used by many players because of the simple content but meet the wishes of the majority of modern-day lonely men. They bring affectionate relationships with hot girls. Multiplayer gameplay and other cool mini-games. In addition, the game maker is independent and does not rely on any publisher, so if you want to find out more information about them, you should go directly to the main page by searching on google. Thanks to the independent work their games are less annoying players with ads.

Hire and direct the hot girls

Join this game, and you will become the boss of a studio idol with lots of girls apply to work. As a talented CEO, you can hire them all and train them to make a profit. Each of them has a beautiful appearance with different personalities. Players will have to depend on each case to talk to them appropriately.

But this is a dating game, not a dangerous game. That means you earn more money, but the relationship with the girls is worse, then lose. So, in addition to helping your job grow, you also have the opportunity to text the girls and find ways to flirt with them. If you are right, you can also get their charming selfie. At night, you can also text them and talk about love stories. But do not forget to upgrade the girls so they can earn as much money as possible. Remember, this is an idol video chat company so you will make a profit if your girls are captivating customers. When you are rich, decorate your room with beautiful, unique and even eccentric items. When the office is full, sell it back to someone else to buy bigger ones. After each successful business, you can unlock more girls.

MOD Info?

MOD Info?
Unlimted Rubies

To get many gems, you will have to finish the first part of the game AKA selling the first company, then once you are in the next one, go to the CEO office and on the right click on the arrow up icon green one and reset skill with gems to get many gems.


Install Guide!
1) Download Launcher
2) Install Launcher
3) Install Mod
4) Open the launchpad and press the play button

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  1. Can you plz update to the latest mod version of “fap ceo”.

    • Guys, listen to me.
      DONT MOD TO HARD! I got banned on my main account 5 minutes ago. DO NOT MAKE THE SAME MISTAKE AS ME, I had my my acc for about 450 days.

  2. I don’t understand

  3. I love this site and this gam e too

  4. Can’t install the mod?

  5. Please update for 942

  6. Update for 0.945 please im kinda skrewed rn if u dont thx

  7. update for 945 please

  8. Yo pls update it

  9. Update for 0.946 please? 😮

  10. They just released an update today, when do we get the updated mod apk?

  11. Can you update to 0947?

  12. New Update 947a cann you mod this ?

  13. Update 0.947

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