Farm On! – New style farm game


If you are someone who has a lot of free time then this is the best game for you. If you have much time on the bus, in the park, lying in the bed or simply go to in the road, Farm On! is the perfect game on the phone for farm lovers.

It’s not hard for you to find a farm game on the Google Play store. Famous names have dominated past farm games such as Hay Day, Farm Story, … but Farm On! really has confirmed the power as well as the strength of yourself when climbing to the top of the table for a short time. Millions of gamers around the world are fascinated by it, why? You can download Farm On!for Android to your device and find out the reason why it’s compelling and the most satisfactory answer to your question.

Farm On! for Android/IOS takes players into a story full of surprises, when one day have a message sent to notify you’ve inherited a farm but farms that are now on the verge of bankruptcy and you need to embark on the reconstruction it’s right. Players will not have to worry when you do not know where to begin because a farmer will guide you how to plant trees, cows, build an agricultural store, … and good neighbors ready to help when you need it. Let’s start building our own farm!

Maybe your original farm has nothing but does not rush discouraged but to work harder on the job, true workers will soon pick sweet fruits, rest assured of that. The small amount of money will only help you buy a plot of land and short-day trees but not very high efficiency, in addition, the player can not yet feed poultry and cattle. After a period of cultivation, so expand the area and during the time you are not at Farm On! Grow long-term crops, but yield high yields and value. Players should also begin to prepare cages to buy more chickens, pigs, dairy cows, etc. to raise more farm products, and when more conditions are available, why not think of having a fish pond?

Farm On! APK Mod attracted a lot of players so there will be a lot of neighbours, they are good people and will regularly visit your farm to buy or exchange the product, you should also do it with a friend. In addition, the investment to buy more animals such as gaur, white horses, .. will be helping our farmers get more money by the opening of the zoo in their garden. The game green farm not only owns the good plot, simple interface easy to interact but also attracted by the cartoon style impressed with the quality of the graphics you will probably feel secure when it is guaranteed by the name EIPIX – a giant mobile game. But do not forget to give praise to the live sound system with fun tunes to give players real entertainment moments.

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