Fazilet Takvimi Pro APK (Update v4.0.0)


Want to find the smart and suitable applications for your favorite smartphone. You are wondering what applications are usually used by people to find the address, reasonable information for the upcoming work. Fazilet Takvimi Pro is the spiritual child of Fazilet Publications and Trade. This is a corporation that was established in 1969 and is active in the publishing sector with the aim of providing GPS tracking and management software services in Turkey.

Download Fazilet Takvimi Pro APK (Update v4.0.0) latest for Android

As one of the most important and important products of Fazilet, Fazilet Takvimi Pro will come to life again to help you create a schedule for the most important tasks of the week or in the future. A month you can not miss. It will analyze and capture the most important information of your choice and create a schedule that is specific and relevant to the time. Users who are not happy can add or remove some unnecessary tasks after setting the schedule, it will automatically change as well as possible. And the best response would be to have an internet connection to make updating and tracking of new features more convenient. Useful information at any time can also be notified to users when you follow our homepage, as well as accounts from mobile devices connected to Fazilet Takvimi Pro.

The application is designed very luxurious, not sophisticated but very delicate. Typical color is brown earth. Features are displayed on one page. Also, the application includes the latest features including automatic search engine GPS, with this feature, the user must install before use, select the country, the city where you live. It will always maintain that address until you change the old address to the new address. The data you have stored will be kept intact. The software provides the exact time where you live thanks to the Salah Time feature, many languages including Turkish, English, and Indonesian have been added for language translation to help users in other countries can also be used. Additional languages will be added when the application is upgraded next.

Busy work and appointments from day to day make you feel tired. You only need to bring a calendar with you to know the exact time to prepare for the next job. With Fazilet Takvimi Pro APK, It will take you everywhere without worrying about the next schedule

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