Firstborn: Kingdom Come (Update v0.9.38) Mod Damage/Health

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  • October 13, 2017
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Firstborn: Kingdom Come for Android is the best strategy game ever released by Netmarble. It is known to be a blockbuster production that cherished for a very long time. Predictably it will make to lay down the law in the mobile gaming market globally. Entering the world of Firstborn: Kingdom Come, players will have to prepare themselves for the steel spirit, combat skills needed to build tactics and win over bloody battles.

Download Firstborn: Kingdom Come APK v0.9.38 Mod Damage/Health for Android

The scene in the game Firstborn: Kingdom Come for Android is about a small land, where there are ongoing battles to fight for power. War is in widespread danger in your area, so the player’s task is to rebuild his kingdom, train his troops to prepare for battle.
An empire game that captivates millions of gamers around the world, Firstborn: Kingdom Come will lead players back to the era of knights who live between the boundary of constant battles, between the Kings to scramble for power and territory. The main task of the player is to build their own empire, to attract forces, to train the army, to prepare weapons, ammunition, build appropriate tactics to be ready to engage in battles to extend your territory, affirming the status of the whole empire in the world.

The game is designed with a smooth 3D background image and overcast. Essentially this is a tactical simulation game that requires deep and intense combat skills. Players need to allocate time to play properly with two main tasks: just take the time to build the kingdom from the first brick, while paying attention to training and upgrading for his army to get an elite force, always ready to take on and win against the enemy. The game’s simulation is evident in the realm of building the kingdom, while the tactical part challenges the player in commanding and operating the entire army. while the tactical part challenges the player in commanding and operating the army in an all-around way.

Do not forget to build a strong alliance with your friends and other players across the planet to create an “invincible” power. Help save their kingdom from the tyranny of the dictators and invest in the military to counter surprise attacks of opponents. Firstborn: Kingdom Come is considered one of the best tactical games on smartphones and Android tablets, where you can show all the ability of thinking, strategy and political intrigue to gain the mastery on the planet. Play as a full-fledged King to protect your country from ongoing conflicts, monsters, or the onslaught of evil beasts, and train soldiers with the goal of building the strongest empire of all time.

The key features:

– The excellent tactical game
– Build a powerful army and attack the neighbors. Hire, train, develop your army to prepare for the battlefield.
– The simulator of the game is so Medieval: expanding territory, harvesting crops, and raising livestock and poultry to make money and food for the army. Experience the unique production system to build your own empire myself.
– Invite friends to play
– Challenge friends by getting your troops to attack their borders and hit the defensive forces and see who the military is the strongest.
– Establish strong alliances, rescue their yoke as well as send your friend unique gifts.
– Building a true economy to manage the foundation.
– Optimize your production system and get more profits.
– Upgrading works, unlocking new buildings and improving general capacity.
– Investing to build a stronger army, develop skills and ability to fight with new weapons.
– Defend your kingdom, fight off enemies and take their resources.

Firstborn: Kingdom Come APK Mod Features

  • Mod Damage/Health
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