Flight Pilot Simulator 3D Free (MOD, Unlimited Money)


The game is one of the titles that give the player a lot of fun but no less exciting and almost draws players into the game world. Some simulation games that you can mention like Need for Speed, Jurassic World… The games satisfy the impossible passion of many people since then gradually attracted some settings crowded from many countries in the world. If you want to become a pilot, want to fly the aircraft, then you should try the game Flight Pilot Simulator 3D Free – is quite high ranking on the App Store and Google Play.

Fun air plane simulation games

First, on how to play, it is quite simple. If Need for Speed is you’re going to ride a terrain vehicle and reach a high limit, then with Flight Pilot Simulator 3D Free you will be driving a variety of aircraft. On how to play, you will control the plane and follow the instructions shown on the first screen. When you manage the plane, you will feel like you are flying really. Before you fly, you have to push the joystick upwards. You can tilt the screen up or down to take off the plane. In the first stage, you will be instructed how to fly correctly and later on while flying you will perform the necessary tasks of each stage and also you will have the opportunity to explore the map super-wide big from the air. For example, for the Cargo 415, you will fire from the air for a burning village… From here you have certainly seen one of the reasons why you understand why this hot game come so.

Unleash your inner Maverick

Secondly, in terms of graphics, the game is designed quite meticulously from super realistic 3D animation to exciting animation. With the easy operation, you can control a plane so that you will have a visual experience and be addicted quickly. The places you fly to are tailored to the purpose of each stage. So you can just watch 3D. Go to the plane to see the scenery. In addition, games that own a large amount of aircraft are quite rich. From simple aircraft to military aircraft.

Become a pilot and conquer the skies

With each one, you will have to perform a specific mission of the plane as a rescue ground,… Moreover, the game does not require internet so you can “fly” at any at any time, anywhere, from school to the toilet. And the game does not take up too much data, hard drive or configuration from your machine so be assured that you can install this game and enjoy your own relaxing moment.

That’s what I’m sending you. Become a pilot that performs many tasks that the game can set. When playing this game, you will definitely have fun experiences that not a virtual game can bring.

MOD Info

1. Infinite Coins
2. Ads Removed
3. Infinite Spins
4. Unlocked

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