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Twitter is a great social network in the world and is trusted by many people. It has long been Twitter as a major newspaper providing information to users most accurately and quickly. So this is a social network that many business people and large organisations believe. Currently, the official version of Android and iOS is very complete. However, if you like a new interface or some other function like posting faster or displaying some posts in a certain time frame. Fluce for Twitter APK will be the application you need to find.

First of all, I would like to assert that Fluce for Twitter is not the official version provided by Twitter. However, it is safe because it only uses Twitter’s API to build its functionality. You will not need to worry about your account and password being stolen or for any reason. As soon as you open the application, you will see a very different interface. It is not as green as you have ever seen on a computer or an official app. It has a grey interface, highlighted in the middle of pictures or white lines of information. This interface suits a lot of people, but what if you do not like it? Do not worry about the application that allows you to change a lot of colours to suit your personality.

You will still find the full functionality of the official version; then you can do a lot of things with this app. The first is to customise the time. Most of us already know that social networks like Facebook and Twitter only display the latest information. So if you want to display the information of last week, last month, or last year, you will have to scroll the page a long time to find it. This app allows you to customise the timeline, which then displays all the posts of people you follow according to the schedule you have set.

Next, the application has a free animation store. You can post information normally followed by funny animations, make sure your Twitter account will be much more special than the others. Although it is produced by a German publisher, this application supports both English and Vietnamese languages so you can be sure of it. The app is currently available on Google Play for $ 1.5 for the full version. However, you can download it for free at our link below.

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