Flying Robot Bike: Futuristic Robot War APK (Mod Money & God Mode)


The atmosphere of the post-apocalyptic Earth gives the player a feeling of extreme and heavy power. Giant machines and people living in hardship, deprivation and hardship kill each other just to survive. But along with the post-apocalyptic genre, it also carries with it the tendency of modernization, the mechanization of the times is the “Tomorow land” scenario. Here, people become beautiful, gentle and fully equipped thanks to the power of life support technology. Machines seem to take care of everything in life, and people only need to use their wisdom. But somewhere in the world, there are still dark forces plotted to attack. If you want to go to that battlefield, download the Flying Robot Bike: Futuristic Robot War from The Game Feast.

Transformers mobile game version?

Flying Robot Bike: Futuristic Robot War is not a tactical game like most RPGs. It’s just a fighting role-playing game; you can fight, pursue enemies and shoot comfortably without having to think about how to fight properly before entering the game. Special features of the game are the two main battle mode of the character. You can move like a car under the ground, then turn into giant robots – robots capable of the arm with any force dare to invade. Or you will experience the feeling of flying in the air with aircraft and participate in the epic battle. All that fun is incorporated into a game system, no need to switch screens, no need to change the game mode. Therefore, the battlefield will be extremely wide and diverse; enemies do not want to escape from you.

Simple gameplay

Although this game only shows combat skills such as punch, kick, dodge attack and shooting skill, there are plenty of character options to suit your tastes. Let me remind you a bit about the famous Transformer movie, do you like Optimus Prime? Is it Bumblebee or Sentinal Prime? All robots in the game wear a little colour of their design.

Gaming screens include a straightforward virtual key system, which is not hard to come by. In the bottom left corner of the screen are two buttons that control the movement direction of the character and the opposite corner will be a single attack button. The rest will be two blood display and cooldown time, two new boots and transforms. You will quickly get used to it.


Flying Robot Bike: Futuristic Robot War is well-designed with sharp 3D graphics, portraying true futuristic scenarios of various types of vehicles and perfectly matched combat vehicles. If you have seen Transformer movie, then surely his game will be no stranger to you. Just be comfortable fighting.

Sum up

Developers have allowed this age limit to download this game to 12+. However, as I see it is a fun action game for all ages because it does not carry heavy elements of violence. Flying Robot Bike: Futuristic Robot War is simply a action game like the famous Transformers movie by Michael Bay. After all, did you want to download this game?

Mod features

  • Unlimited money & God Mode
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