Forever 7th Capital APK (Update v1.0) Mod

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  • December 23, 2017
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The development of electronic games is expanding and actually finding a fighting game to satisfy the hobby is probably too easy. But to find a quality assurance game is not a simple thing at all. No one spends a day just walking around the game site without harvesting anything. Understanding the needs of users, Forever 7th Capital is sure to not let people down.

Download Forever 7th Capital APK (Update v1.0) Mod latest Android

Similar to other fighting games, the character’s mission is almost to engage in battle, kill enemies to gain special privileges, or rewards such as new levels, new skills, etc. Step Into the dark dungeons, occupying the base, rebuilding a new government, defeating various types of enemies according to each battle. Coming to Forever 7th Capital APK, you will no longer have to decide which character to focus on in battle because when you start fighting, you can choose as many characters in the character list as you like. And while in battle, the player can still change the main character that he controls. The main controlled character will appear in a circle at the foot. The advantage of this splitting is that the screen shows the characters who are engaged in battle and which characters are used by the player directly to be able to flexibly change other characters depending on the type of character. You should use the combat tactics that character has more advantage.

Like other games originated from Japan, the extremely gorgeous, beautifully dressed character with traditional costumes from traditional to modern full fashion, always attract players from the first glance. first. Each character is shown in detail about the appearance, voice, and weapons accompanying the user’s choice before engaging in combat. At the end of the battle, the characters are also ranked according to the star rating of the player. Using 3D graphics with professional voice actors is also an advantage to make the game more lively and attractive.

Forever 7th Capital has received enthusiastic support from users for both character creation, space design with cherry blossom and the quality of the game. Join Forever 7th Capital and create new victories in the fight to regain life for the world.

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