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You are living in a world of tranquillity. No more fierce battles erupted on a global scale such as the First World War, the Second World War or the colonial uprisings of national independence. You will never be able to imagine the scene of fierce and bloody warfare. It is always the battle of survival when tens of thousands of people burst into the tens of thousands of people fall. Gunshots, bombs that did not cease to be screams of pain or people on the battlefield like small mountains, and temporary grounds set up in the wilderness.

Fortnite Battle Royale is a survival game with content like the novel The Hunger Games?

If you have ever read the Hunger Games series or just watched the movie of the same name, then you will probably understand the feeling of a soldier, or merely a person standing in front of the line. You have to face the real challenge of survival. Kill or be killed. Living or dying, the boundary between them has never been so fragile. It requires you not only as fighting skill but also as a survival skill in the midst of a harsh situation. You want to experience that feeling, the feeling of heart pounding in your chest and scalp trembling with numbness whenever you hear a strange noise around, whether you kill the lurking there and become the last survivor, or will I lose in his hand and end his life right here? If you are a brave person who wants to experience that feeling once more – honestly than ever, why not try Fortnite Battle Royale – a hit game released by Epic and experience. The soul of a human being standing in the “mortal arena”?

Big map

When you join the Fortnite Battle Royale, you will immediately witness the majestic and immense landscape of an uninhabited island. A flying car stopped in mid-air and dropped 100 people down the island. Then you will transform into one of the 100 participants, falling from a thousand meters, opening the parachute and landing on the island. From this moment, your battle begins. You can direct the umbrella to the place you think is the best and safest to fall on, preferably closed areas (such as buildings) or where shielding works will be more reliable. Around the place you are standing will appear the items needed for your start to become “breathable” rather than the rifle and bullet.

As you go through them, they are automatically collected. Your task is to use giant hammers, axes, etc. to break down the walls, household items such as tables, chairs, beds, cabinets, and trees to help get raw. It is necessary to build a base in place to prevent any enemy encounters where there is no shielding such as grassland or low hills … you will not be killed unexpectedly. You can destroy anything from buildings to the trees and from there, you will collect the materials you need such as wood, brick and metal to ensure the ability. His survival. Rest assured, once you have the required amount of content, building a base yourself with walls, stairs up and down is extremely easy, even if you only take a few seconds to complete. Into a perfect shielding work. You can also customise the height of the building so that it has the same level of visibility and safety as possible to make it easier to kill enemies.

Search for weapons

During the game, you must always move to find treasure chests containing threats, and if you are lucky, you can find a potion that boosts survival. Weapons can also be found scattered along the way and divided into many different levels. The lowest level is grey, then green, blue and most high are purple and orange. The more advanced weapons, the more powerful they are. One highlight of the game is the variety of weapons, different guns, such as pistols, rifles, revolvers or rifles, sniper rifles, and more specifically Guns can destroy buildings like B41 guns or long-range missiles, etc. These guns will help you survive and kill many enemies so try to move and search as many The best guns, especially the firearms or rockets destroying buildings will assist you a lot in killing the enemy remotely or have to shield it.

Do not forget that you have a lot of equipment

And if during the battle, you do not hit the bullets, do not hurry, look at the health status of your life and hide in a corner, restore health by wound, It will take some time to recover. Or if you have a potion the better, then you can instantly increase your life count by 20, increasing your survivability. Each time you kill an enemy, the items collected by the other will not be used, and you can quickly rob them without having to look for them. But be careful if you do not shoot gunfire and are shot dead, then your vision will go to the person who shot you and watches him collect all the hard work you earn. It’s a joyless experience! And, in this game, you must not only notice the enemy but also see the map on the right corner of the screen. There will be an arbitrary time, the gender boundary at the limit of the plan will be narrowed down. And if you are on the border of this white border, be careful, if you can not escape when the boundary is moving, you can also die of electrocution when the edge goes through that person. , is it pain? 100 players, will end the battle with only one survivor. And the winner is the last survivor. A harsh battle full of sharp but no less dramatic, do you dare try?


Weapons will be light in colour and stand out so you can easily find them. And finding enemies is easier if you follow the traces of the bullet and the sign of destruction shines in the direction you attack. And listening to static, especially when you are in a closed space and covered by the building is very important. Right stepping is a sign that when the enemy approaches, you can judge from which plan to fight, ensuring that the ability to successfully remove an enemy from the battle will be higher.

In this highly realistic role-playing game, your vision will be the vision of the character. The unusual thing is that you can not see what’s behind you but can only be seen by making the character turn towards it. On the other hand, your character also has an incredible flexibility, running, flipping or hiding as well as jumping from a high wall will not be a problem, giving you the experience of being in the role of a unique character in an action movie. The game features team, a team that has at most five people. You can also choose to fight with two people. But be careful in choosing. If it is single or double, it means you will become the enemy of more people, and your chances of survival will be much lower!

Gameplay requires flexibility and reflexes. Everything must be done quickly, or you will soon let go of the keyboard when your character is shot dead. You will not have a warehouse to choose from, but only five boxes for weapons and medicine. Bullets and material resources used to build temporary bases are not limited. So consider when you want to choose the type of gun you want to bring and switch each kind quickly when fighting to get the best effect possible!

Graphics and sound

The graphics of the game are quite bright with 3D images that allow you to have the most realistic and realistic look possible. Diverse and beautiful characters; Works such as houses, farms or plains, hills are very lively. With a kind of survival game, graphics are not enough to portray the dangers and scary aspects of the game, but that will also allow more people to access the game, even teenagers. Age 13 and older can also be played. The sound is clear every step of the way, so there is not too much redundancy. All are quiet, true to the nature of a fighting game for survival.

Sum up,

Fortnite Battle Royale is a game worth trying. And I’m sure that if you had a chance to experience this thrilling game, you would love it right away and could not take your eyes off the phone screen. Come to Fortnite Battle Royale, and you will learn all the skills you need to survive, improve your fighting skills, build your tactics and become the ultimate survivor of the battle. Level as well as assert the power of yourself. So do not hesitate any longer, do not join the game now to experience the dramatic and exciting moment!

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