Garena Free Fire (MOD, Auto Aim)


Known to be quite a similar style PUBG by developed from it, gradually emerged Free Fire and known as a twin brother. However, the difference lies in the developers of the game, the birth of the game comes from a small team in Garena. The same type of survival, much like PUBG so Free Fire has indeed confirmed its strength and position in a short time. PUBG is so familiar to gamers so that Free Fire will give you a good experience, a new piece. Also because of the high graphics requirements and configuration of the device, PUBG does not fit many people. However, Free Fire will be a good alternative for you.

10 minutes – 50 players – 1 survivor

Free Fire is the style of the battlefield of life and death. Along with the appearance of 49 other characters, you must fight to survive only to the last minute. From the plane, you will be dropping off a large island, where you and other players find and kill each other. The way you pass will be challenging. It may contain useful items and equipment for you. The enemy is the remaining 49 opponents, to defeat them, requires tactical hit and the strength of the weapon be very high. In order to have the most advanced equipment, you can collect on the way, or attack areas with houses,… In particular, you can also get it from the opponent you defeated. However, selectively so that you do not have to carry too heavy, as well as flexible use easier.

When participating in this critical battle, you are only 10 minutes to do everything. Everything happens quickly if you do not master it is hard to live to the end. However, the law does not require you to destroy all the players by yourself. You can combine with 3 of them to act, creating a specific strategy and stability to win. Trophies will be shared by each other to help your teammates stronger. Action to kill enemies is the same, the coordination of teammates will make things easier. A winner is no longer a person, but a team. The tactical requirement here is very high.

Full HD graphics

Because it is based on PUBG, Free Fire will be equipped with the professional 3D design. The professionalism here is the truth that brings it closer to reality. The effects and images are incredibly smooth, careful. Huge maps to satisfy gamers’ quest and exploration. Besides, a small map to follow around is also essential. The layout and details of the operation are quite similar to PUBG, so getting used to the new game is not difficult. All information about tools, weapons, utensils, character states is unambiguous and complete, giving a visual and lively experience. Sound and countless other standard physics features are also a factor in increasing the game’s realism over time.


Free Fire consistent with? Match those who need a big difference with PUBG, or who need a game that fits in with the lower profile. Briefly, Free Fire will provide you with lifelike, stable game experience. Not too demanding on configuration, easy to familiarize. So quick download to experience the feeling of loot with friends offline.

Note that HACK & MOD abuse may result in your gaming account being banned

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