Fruit Ninja Fight (MOD money)


Fruit Ninja Fight is known as a popular game on both PC and mobile platforms. This version of the game is designed for both platforms with a very eye-catching interface and familiar gameplay. Try to become a ninja with a very sharp sword that performs the task of slashing fruit to earn lots of points and accomplish great goals!

Simple, addictive gameplay

Cut Fruit is a very straightforward game; your task is just to swipe directly on the screen to show off your way to cut off the fruits appear on the screen and save the high scores. It is simple, but when played, this game can be addictive for any player, you will be very excited by the beautiful effects, the fruit image was cut into pieces and broken tan on your screen. Also, if you slice more fruits at once, the more points you score, and the more beautiful the effects.

This game is very light compared to many classic games such as shooting game, Raid, raid, strategy game Empire, as the Arena of Valor, the game like Fruit Ninja Fight help you practice training The ability to observe and use your free time in a more healthy way, brings true entertainment moments. However, the game has many levels are quite difficult; the more and following tasks become more difficult for you. You will need to reach a very high point in order to finish a game, fruits can also appear faster, and you need to cut them quickly. The game also has pitfalls that make you suspicious of bombs; you need to keep in mind about them, the fruits appear with the black bomb, cut fruit, you will have to regret it, guillotine bomb. The game also offers a 1vs1 mode. You can challenge your friends in real-time along with the dramatic game, showing off your fruit like a real ninja.

Join the game, just slash and slash. Familiar fruits are included in the game such as pineapple, apples, watermelon, oranges, etc. However, you are only allowed to slash a certain amount of time and must meet the requirements of each level. Try cutting your hands quickly and collecting more watches to increase your time, or slow down time.


As a game with a simple but fun game, the image is designed eye-catching, with the same vibrant sound. The game will bring you real moments of relaxation. The running game is also very stable and smooth, requiring no configuration and high hardware does not cause lag phenomenon, or jerky, giving you a better experience. Besides there are other similar games similar to Fruit Ninja Fight like Plants vs Zombies, or Pirate Kings, … are also very interesting, you can refer and experience with your friends.

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