Galactic Frontline – Guards of the galaxy?


The sequel to the award-winning NetEase game maker will be Galactic Frontline, a top-notch strategy game set in a far far away mysterious galaxy. Coming to Galactic Frontline APK, you will have the opportunity to travel through the galaxy and explore the mystical worlds of the three races: Terrans, Ansari and Zoltarians during the battle to save lives and survive in the Galactic system. You will have the opportunity to become the hero of the Milky Way when battling against other cosmic heroes who are players from all over the world in the Galactic Front. If successful, the number one global ranking will be yours, accompanied by a whole lot of opportunities to participate in world-class tournaments.

Become a Guardian of the Galaxy

The Galactic heroes entering the battle will become captains of a giant spaceship and take control of a front line corresponding to each top of the map. Each battle is a combination of four tactical escort ships and up to 6 combat units. You will use the skills available and the energy available to move and extend your occupation. The fundamental principle is “extended or destroyed.”

To ensure combat objectives, you must always remember to protect your ship. It is considered as the soul of your whole team. You fight well, the ship will be upgraded protection features and will naturally support you in the process of preserving forces. If the ship is attacked, your resources and energy will decrease, corresponding to the loss is very likely to occur. And vice versa, destroying enemy ships will also make the enemy lose quickly, and you will become the champion. The basic principle of combat is to use combat features – fighting techniques and finite amounts of energy in a manner consistent with the circumstances of the battle to gain certain advantages if Want to win the final.


The Galactic Front is a bold front, which can be opened anywhere for a specified period (equivalent to the time of a scheduled match). You can play with unaccustomed friends from all over the world. You will experience a dozen more great features when you become a hero on the battlefield as the commander and builds a fleet of space warships and can expand the range of forces by collecting more than 50 other combat units and many escorts. When you become a race, you will have the opportunity to better understand the circumstances of that race as well as the other two races in the context of the confusion of the galaxy. You will have the chance to become the only survivor and leader of the universe.

One of the noteworthy attractions of this game is the online play mode with all other players around the world. You can make friends with anyone, drive the spaceship and become brave. Also, players can also log in Facebook account to join with the close friends.

Sum up

With a series of fanciful images and bustling sounds, Galactic Frontline MOD APK promises to become a superhero of galaxies with miraculous battle screens, majestic generals and the mighty fleet of fierce attacks and sharp, … all are gathered in the Galactic Frontline. Welcome to Galactic Frontline and experience the feeling of being a real space superhero.

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