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Rolly Legs v2.15 MOD APK (God mode ) Download

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Rolly Legs
App Name Rolly Legs
Genre Arcade
Size 90.93MB
Latest Version 2.15
MOD Info God mode
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Rating 5.0/5 (1 vote)
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VOODOO is known as one of the largest indie game publishers for the mobile platform. It has had countless games with simple gameplay, but easily attracts players in the endless spiral. Because of that, this publisher has always achieved many expectations from players as well as releasing countless great games. One such game is Rolly Legs, a game with a simple gameplay to entertain players and friends in funny and relaxing races. Like other games from VOODOO, the game introduces a simple control mechanism, hilarious characters, and features online multiplayer for entertainment. The game also promises to bring players many new surprises in the gameplay and new features for them to enjoy with friends. rolly-legs-mod-high-level


Rolly Legs introduces simple yet addictive gameplay, where players only need to control their puppets and get first place in the races. However, players need to create the most appropriate feet for them to run fast and surpass others. A competition will contain up to four puppets, and they only run in a lane without colliding with each other. On the screen will be the level playfield, showing the track and the progress of the player, while the section is for players to draw their feet to cross the terrain. Players can draw any type of leg they want depending on the situation their puppets are facing. If the legs are longer, the distance will be more significant, but occupy more area. Meanwhile, short legs help puppets overcome small places and run slower. Each player's drawing style will always make their puppets change the way they move, so the gameplay is easily addictive.


Rolly Legs not only has fun gameplay, but it also has thousands of tracks made by other players created to entertain players. Each track has a unique style, and they vary in terrain to challenge the creativity of the player. All puppets automatically run forward, while players only need to draw them a suitable leg. With just a pair of matching legs, all types of terrain can be easily overcome in a blink of an eye. Besides, there are also challenges, which players will receive many attractive rewards for completing them. Challenges are divided into different categories, like daily challenges or personal accomplishments. Players not only enjoy a game of endless fun but also enjoy special challenges just for them. rolly-legs-mod-high-level-1


When players come to this game, they not only enjoy the bustling but fun run, they can also customize their puppets to become more prominent. The character customization feature allows users to share their works or use the works of others. Players can put on the funny and ridiculous costumes they unlocked when completing challenges and achievements. Of course, finishing races also can drop outfits, not just complete the challenge. "Rolly Legs" also allows all players to share their character designs, as well as the costumes available on the game's separate platform. Therefore, the game not only creates a friendly playground but also entertains people with funny puppets.


With a four-lane-designed track, players can invite friends and participate in four-person races. Each race has a short time, suitable for creating challenges or a game to entertain at the party. However, with the online multiplayer mode, there will be more unexpected elements, making the race more exciting and fun than ever. On the road, there will be pitfalls, obstacles, and many other things scattered on the road. The task of the player is still to be creative and draw the most appropriate legs to overcome everything. There will also be rewards like coins and points on the way, but no matter which player wins first, the score is still what shows all and reviews the run. rolly-legs-mod-high-level-1-1 Rolly Legs was developed to stimulate players' creativity by drawing feet for their muppets. The game has simple yet addictive gameplay, and each run also has a short time suitable for players to relax. The game also allows players to enjoy running anytime, anywhere, even without an Internet connection. If you are a fan of arcade games and having fun with your friends, why not give it a try?

Download Rolly Legs (MOD, God mode )

Download APK (90.93MB)
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