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Farm Town

Farm Town v4.23 MOD APK (Unlimited money ) Download

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App Name Farm Town
Genre Casual
Size 92.47MB
Latest Version 4.23
MOD Info Unlimited money
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Rating 3.1/5 (10 votes)
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Farm Town: Happy Farming Day is a game in the Farming Town series about farm building developed and produced by game house Foranj. If you want to experience the idyllic rural life, peaceful scenery, and straightforward jobs, you should not miss this exciting game. Below, I will share handy information to explain why this game is so popular and loved by many people.


Farm Town: Happy Farming Day is a story that begins with a woman in her 70s named Aunt May, who is a famous restaurant owner in the city, who wants to enjoy a comfortable life in her last days intends to stop the royal business to build a small farm in the suburbs left by her father. However, everything started to be quite tricky and arduous when the barren land was seriously degraded, and the damaged machinery was no longer usable. So Aunt May must find a way to reclaim the land, upgrade the machines and grow the farm. So besides entertainment, you need to really focus on helping Aunt May do all this quickly. This is produced by a professional team, with the success of the Farming Town series, its quality is undeniable. The game has a high resolution, eye-catching colors, vivid sound with many real-life activities that make people feel genuine and excited that you can hardly separate eyes of the screen because you are alive in your life, in your own story.


With very familiar and simple gameplay. Your task is to grow and expand the farm in the way the game is taught or in the style you desire. Your first job is to grow plants from the seeds that are available in the stores, and you must take care of it to grow as best as the farmers today do from fertilization, watering, kill pests, and other product handling practices. Not only that, as a farm, cattle such as chickens, ducks, and cows can not be lacking; players can take advantage of eggs, feathers, or milk to create high economic profits in addition to meat. Once you have a stable economy, you need to apply technical technologies to increase productivity, create more goods that bring more income, and serve your food needs by buying existing machine shops such as plows, milking machines, ovens ...


During the game and farming, breeding, you can also build houses and upgrade farm buildings according to your desires and preferences, such as villas, tall buildings, swimming pools, fountains: water, and other decorative items. In addition, the function of connecting friends through the exchange and trading of goods also brings new excitement for players; they can help each other to perform tasks quickly from there a solid farm environment. Another important feature not to be missed is building your own town and attracting tourists; this is the great turning point in this game. Agricultural development also leads to the development of tourism. Because of that, many players constantly affirm that this is a game that brings many benefits because it helps you to entertain the head and reduce stress after hard working hours. Still, it also expands and improves your understanding of all areas of social life.


In addition to buying machines from the store, Happy Farming Day also allows you to craft useful crafts and lots of planting tools. This seems to be the best way for you to not only help you save gold and diamonds in-game life but also enhance your creativity and proactively deal with all situations outside life. It is the outstanding features that only in this game can and the feeling of experiencing a life of a true businessman or a successful person, from manufacturing, making products to selling for traders, earn money, and build your own farm. And many other superior features are hard to mention, and I will leave this to continue exploring the exciting mysteries that you will uncover during the game.

Download Farm Town (MOD, Unlimited money )

Download APK (92.47MB)
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keren 👍👍👍😎😎😇😼😼

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The mod works great !!! You get plenty of money & gems, plus everything you produce increases when spent!

Just Updated

mod berjalan baik, gamenya bagus thanks