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Chain Strike

Chain Strike v2.0.5 MOD APK (God Mode) Download

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Download APK (107.72MB)
App Name Chain Strike
Genre RPG
Size 107.72MB
Latest Version 2.0.5
MOD Info God Mode
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Rating 4.5/5 (6 votes)
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An impressive world where you can experience your role as the guardian heroes that appear in Chain Strike™. The player's experience has improved in the latest version, and players can safely experience what this game has to offer. It can be impressive battles, unexpected character summons, or game modes revolving around PVE and PVP. Indeed this is a game that will interestingly entertain you.


Players will travel to a fantasy-style world that they will surely fall in love with the first time they experience it. The graphics of Chain Strike™ are absolutely beautifully designed as you can see heroes with different looks. At the same time, one of the indispensable elements in this world is the races that live in this game. Over time you will be able to find many different heroes with different functions in the game. In this game, you will control a certain number of heroes with a maximum number of 5 people and overcome many different enemies. Players will have specific strategies while controlling the character, similar to playing chess. At the same time, you can view the map from a third-person perspective and adjust it to a top-down perspective to make the game screen easier to observe. So you will overcome many enemies in front of you with intelligent tactics.


In Chain Strike™, players will take the time to experience the game's mechanics, and it's completely understandable as they are explained step-by-step from controls to attacks. As mentioned above, you will have five heroes in a group, and each character has different characteristics and skills that you will be interested in. At the bottom right of the screen, you can see three hexagons corresponding to the amount of energy in each match that you receive. It is used to help the character use skills. You will observe a game screen with an area of 5x7 that is divided into different small squares. Players will touch the character to choose the corresponding move or attack action. At the same time, from the hero's position, you will see the green squares that are the areas they can reach. If your enemies are above this area, they will be attacked by your choice attack. But most attacks consume a certain amount of mana. You will have to carefully calculate the use of energy so that the characters can move correctly and according to the strategy you set out. At the same time, when they stand in a specific position and from them, some long lines appear; it is a message for you to know to perform a pincer attack. Like its name, this attack helps you deal a greater amount of damage and does not consume any mana.


During playing Chain Strike™, you will surely be curious about the list of heroes that appear inside this game. Everyone has a goal for themselves: to own a hero with an impressive appearance and strength to help you overcome challenges. So there will be many ways for you to summon a hero. The first mechanic that anyone will love is the gacha mechanic, who surprises the player through every spin. This mechanism is famous that sometimes you will feel like when you are summoning a character, and it is completely random when you do not know what hero you get. At the same time, this summoning also consumes a certain amount of resources. The second mechanism is the summon mechanism, where you will need to use many different heroes to summon another hero. Summoning is just the beginning, as you still have to upgrade them to the maximum to use their power in this game.


In any game, there are challenges that players will need to overcome, and in Chain Strike™, there are multiple modes for you to challenge yourself. Players will take the time to familiarize themselves with the game's mechanics and enter the story mode to explore the continent of Signus. At the same time, this is fundamental gameplay to prepare specific forces to participate in other more challenging modes. You will find the Forgotten Tower, where there are many dangerous things inside, and each floor has inevitable surprises for you. In addition, you will also know how difficult it is to confront an enemy with a complete large physique called the Giant Boss. Other players are also waiting for you to challenge, and it is also a document for you to have data to upgrade the strength of your squad. So there will be many kinds of challenges opening up before the player's eyes.

Download Chain Strike (MOD, God Mode)

Download APK (107.72MB)
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great game


畫風是真的喜歡,質感很強,而且韓遊的表現力一直都很高,第一眼很吸引人。 玩法上是戰棋加上國際象棋的混合玩法,一開始體驗不算強烈,但到了後期對於策略的運用會多起來,歐服大佬也說,到了人物滿級後,就是國際象棋的博弈。


Хорошая игра, со своей механикой и геймплеем. Жаль на неё забили.