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Leturn v2.88 MOD APK (Unlimited Gold,Diamonds) Download

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Download APK (143.61MB)
App Name Leturn
Genre RPG
Size 143.61MB
Latest Version 2.88
MOD Info Unlimited Gold,Diamonds
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Rating 5.0/5 (1 vote)
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Leturn - Defense of Magic (MOD, Free Shopping) brings you the mysterious fairy tales you have been waiting for. Play as the sorcerer Xenos to fight and find a way to defeat an evil dark force to protect the beautiful world of Leturn.
Leturn - Defense of Magic is a tower defense game but has entirely new and unique gameplay compare to other TD games, and it is a breakthrough in this genre. In this game, players will turn into the wizard named Xenos and claim to be the hero. Xenos's mission is to stand up to the darkness and bring peace to the world of Leturn. The darkness has covered everywhere and is trying to collect all the relics to forming a calamity over Leturn. Players will not only travel alone but will also have other reliable friends with outstanding strength. Leturn is an RPG combined with Tower Defense elements along with engaging storytelling. This game is guaranteed to bring players to the most intense battles, and let them explore the majestic, beautiful, and stunning scenes of a fantasy world. Leturn - Defense of Magic (MOD, Free Shopping)

Epic story-driven Tower Defense/RPG

Leturn has simple gameplay but in-depth and has a lot of things for players to explore. Moreover, this is story-driven gameplay, so each challenge is a journey, a new journey that the player must overcome. The gameplay uses Tower Defense as the core, and thus creates many different variations to make its gameplay more diverse and rich. Players must not only fight monsters with magic but also must know how to use tactics effectively to stop the enemy. Besides, the gameplay will give players a massive upgrade system with a variety of characters in the party. At the same time will bring players fierce battles along with powerful and dangerous bosses. Leturn - Defense of Magic (MOD, Free Shopping)

Epic and rich visual novel story

The player's journey will go everywhere, through many cities, fight against hundreds of monsters, and meet new friends. The game's storyline will gradually unlock all the features, allowing players to quickly get used to the game instead of unlocking it once. Moreover, the game has engaging storytelling, combined with visuals to increase the experience level of the story. Of course, players can also interact with other characters in the party, explore their stories, or change their basic properties. This game not only gives players new gameplay, but it will also give players a fascinating, dramatic, and meaningful story for players to enjoy. Leturn - Defense of Magic (MOD, Free Shopping)

Be a wizard and defend the world of Leturn

In each challenge, the player will have to fight with friends to defend the attacks of monsters. The variety of monsters in each attack is a challenge for players on tactical ability. Players will use the available features to build defensive lines or prevent the enemy from attacking. Of course, all members of the player's party will contribute greatly to stopping monsters. The player's party contains up to 6 different characters and diverse in elemental magic, so players will have more opportunities to build tactics. Interestingly, the player can also customize, change, and upgrade the properties of each character, making its gameplay richer than other games. Leturn - Defense of Magic (MOD, Free Shopping)

30 unique elemental magics

All of the party members are elemental wizards, so their powers are diverse and can deal with many different enemies. In each battle, players will be notified in advance of the type of monster is about to appear, from which they will have more things to build a squad. If the player's squad is diverse in strength, skill, and element, the defense process will be easier. The game will also have some comprehensive activation skills, allowing users to destroy a large number of enemies, but the cooldown is very long and should be used in emergencies. Each wizard will also have a unique skill set and can be activated immediately if the player uses basic operations such as swipe, tap, pinch, etc. Leturn - Defense of Magic (MOD, Free Shopping)

Unlock and cast powerful spells

While defending, players can also summon soldiers from inside the city. Soldiers will vary in units, and players can place them where to stop enemy troops. Soldiers can be upgraded after each battle, and the upgrade process will change shape, improve strength, and unlock some passive skills. The appearance of soldiers is a great advantage for players, but they can not fight on many routes but can only go straight. If the player combines the power of soldiers and witches, the power will be significantly improved and prevent monsters from attacking easier. Soldiers also have many different variants, and even players can collect some rare soldiers to add to the summon ranks. Leturn - Defense of Magic (MOD, Free Shopping) If you are a fan of tactical defense or want to experience whole new gameplay, "Leturn" will be a perfect choice. Everything in this game, such as graphics, image quality, sound, visual effects are all top-notch, ensuring to bring a new experience for players in a Fantasy world.

Download Leturn (MOD, Unlimited Gold,Diamonds)

Download APK (143.61MB)
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não vou mentir, odeio jogos da unity mas esse tenho que dizer que além de ser tão fluído e com toque de anime que é o que despertou meu interesse, o game está ótimo.