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パワプロ v8.1.1 MOD APK (Unlocked) Download

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App Name パワプロ
Genre Sports
Size 76.28MB
Latest Version 8.1.1
MOD Info Unlocked
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Rating 5.0/5 (56 votes)
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パワプロ MOD APK 8.1.1, Free

Player development anytime, anywhere! Super popular baseball game, Konami's Power Pro is now available in the app!Cultivate original baseball players in "Success", lead the team in "Stadium" and compete with players all over the country! !A must-have baseball game for fans, "JIKKYOU PAWAFURU PUROYAKYU", a must-have baseball game with easy-to-operate 3D action!☆☆☆ Game Features ☆☆☆■ Basic free ■All modes are basically free! (Partly charged)Items and Power Stones necessary for training and matches can be obtained through daily login bonuses, rewards for clearing "Challenges" for completing specific tasks, various events, and campaigns!You can continue to play every day even if it's free, so play every day and aim for the top of high school baseball and the Koshien championship!■ Success ■"Success" is a familiar baseball player training mode in the home video game "JIKKYOU PAWAFURU PUROYAKYU" series.Let's develop original players while enjoying the story!Set in various high school baseball clubs, enjoy competing with rivals and high school life with friends.Practicing, playing, and sometimes love... In "Success", you can enjoy developing players in an attractive scenario.Scenarios in collaboration with the popular baseball manga "Diamond A", "MAJOR", and "Gyakkyo Nine" are also being distributed! A unique scenario makes "success" even hotter!You can develop a baseball player with "experience points" obtained by advancing various scenarios.Earning more experience points is the key to developing the strongest baseball player!☆ "Event deck system" holds the key to developing baseball playersPopular characters such as Mamoru Igari, Akio Yabe, and Aoi Hayakawa, who are familiar from the home video game "JIKKYOU PAWAFURU PUROYAKYU" series, have appeared!Characters in the event deck will appear in the story of "Success" and cause various events.The event is a great chance to earn a lot of "experience points"!Get a lot of event characters and develop the baseball player you want!■ Stadium ■Compete with players from all over the country at the "Stadium" and aim for the top ranking!Professional baseball players trained in "Success" will form a team with your team and compete with players nationwide! !The game progresses automatically, and you can operate it when the time comes! You can earn points by playing an active role in the game, such as hitting hits and striking out.Of course, winning the game is the biggest shortcut to extending your points!You can also get luxury items according to the ranking results of the stadium.Develop your own strongest professional baseball player and aim for the top of rivals scattered all over the country!Hanshin Koshien stadium official recognition*In principle, the stadium signboards reproduced in the game are based on 2021 data.■ Equipped with a portal function■If you have this, you can know the latest information on "Power Pro"!Always full of the latest information related to Power Pro and KONAMI baseball titles.We will always send you information on special offers, such as campaigns.■ "Jikkyou Powerful Pro Baseball" is recommended for people like this ■・ I want a free baseball game app・ I want to play a baseball game where I can play against players all over the country with the players I raised・I want to win the Koshien, which I longed for in high school baseball・I like the popular baseball manga "MAJOR", "Diamond A" and "Gyakkyo Nine"・I want to strike out and hit a home run to enjoy the exhilarating feeling of a sports game.・ Looking for a baseball game with an interesting story・I want to play an interesting baseball game set in high school baseball・I'm looking for a simulation game that can train original baseball players.・ I'm looking for a sports game that can train players・I'm looking for a story-rich breeding game where you can enjoy romance and youth.・ Looking for a baseball simulation game among training games・ I want to train my own baseball player and play against him in a game・ I want to play an interesting game that can be enjoyed from player training in high school baseball・ I'm looking for a simulation game where I can organize my team and play matches・I'm a fan of Konami's sports games and player training games.・I want to develop players, strengthen my team, and play against rivals all over the country.・ I want to create the strongest team in a baseball player training game・ I'm looking for a baseball game that I can play for free and play against・I'm looking for a sports game that can be enjoyed in various ways among popular game apps・ I don't know much about baseball, but I want to play a baseball game that is easy to play.・I want to play interesting and fun games that are popular among free games・I want to kill time while traveling with an addictive game that is easy to operate.・I'm looking for a very popular and interesting game that can be enjoyed by junior high school students and adults.・Want to kill time with interesting sports games・ I want to play a free sports game where the game progresses with simple operations・I'm looking for an interesting game that has been popular for a long time.・ Home video games are fine, but I want to play PowerPro while on the move・I like PowerPro-kun's character・I've always liked Konami's baseball games and wanted to play them on my smartphone.・I like power pros where you can enjoy the story・I want to start again with the playthrough powerful professional baseball that I was addicted to when I was a junior high school student.◇◇◇ Environment ◇◇◇This application is an online game. Please enjoy it in an environment where communication is possible.◇◇◇ Target device ◇◇◇・ Supported OS: Android 5.0 or later・List of models that have been confirmed to work: ""* Operation is not guaranteed for models other than the above OS and operation confirmed models.* Support is not available for troubles other than the operation confirmation OS and the operation confirmation model. Please note.* About terminal operationIf you are using a model that can be used with dual screen display, the app may not work properly.We recommend that you use the 1-screen display, so please be careful when using it.In addition, we do not guarantee the operation on the terminal you are using. Please note.◇◇◇ Rights notation ◇◇◇"H2" character rights notation: © Mitsuru Adachi / Shogakukan"Adversity Nine" character rights notation: © Kazuhiko Shimamoto"Diamond A" character rights notation: © Yuji Terajima, Kodansha / "Diamond A -SS-" Production Committee, TV Tokyo"MAJOR" character rights notation: © Takuya Mitsuda, Shogakukan"Fist of the North Star" character rights notation: ⓒBuronson, Tetsuo Hara/NSP 1983 Copyright license EY-218TV anime "MIX" character rights notation: © Mitsuru Adachi, Shogakukan / Yomiuri TV, ShoPro"Touch" character rights notation: © Mitsuru Adachi / Shogakukan"Diamond A act II" Character rights notation: ⓒ Yuji Terajima, Kodansha / "Diamond A act II" Production Committee, TV Tokyo"Nijisanji" character rights notice: ©ANYCOLOR, Inc."Kimetsu no Yaiba" character rights notation: © Koyoharu Gotouge / Shueisha, Aniplex, ufotable"Yu-Gi-Oh" character rights notation: ⓒ Studio Dice/Shueisha/TV Tokyo/KONAMI"Momotaro Dentetsu" character rights notation: © Akira Sakuma © 2022 KONAMI"Jujutsu Kaisen" character rights notice: © Gege Akutami/Shueisha, Jujutsu Kaisen Production Committee"HUNTER x HUNTER" character rights notation: ⓒP98-22 ⓒV・N・M

パワプロ Introduction

パワプロ As a very popular sports game recently, it gained a lot of fans all over the world who love sports games. If you want to download this game, as the world's largest mod apk free game download site -- moddroid is Your best choice. moddroid not only provides you with the latest version of パワプロ 8.1.1 for free, but also provides Free mod for free, helping you save the repetitive mechanical task in the game, so you can focus on enjoying the joy brought by the game itself. moddroid promises that any パワプロ mod will not charge players any fees, and it is 100% safe, available, and free to install. Just download the moddroid client, you can download and install パワプロ 8.1.1 with one click. What are you waiting for, download moddroid and play!

Unique Gameplay

パワプロ As a popular sports game, its unique gameplay has helped him gain a large number of fans around the world. Unlike traditional sports games, in パワプロ, you only need to go through the novice tutorial, so you can easily start the whole game and enjoy the joy brought by the classic sports games パワプロ 8.1.1. At the same time, moddroid has specially built a platform for sports game lovers, allowing you to communicate and share with all sports game lovers around the world, what are you waiting for, join moddroid and enjoy the sports game with all the global partners come happy

Beautiful Screen

Like traditional sports games, パワプロ has a unique art style, and its high-quality graphics, maps, and characters make パワプロ attracted a lot of sports fans, and compared to traditional sports games , パワプロ 8.1.1 has adopted an updated virtual engine and made bold upgrades. With more advanced technology, the screen experience of the game has been greatly improved. While retaining the original style of sports , the maximum It enhances the user's sensory experience, and there are many different types of apk mobile phones with excellent adaptability, ensuring that all sports game lovers can fully enjoy the happiness brought by パワプロ 8.1.1

Unique Mod

The traditional sports game requires users to spend a lot of time to accumulate their wealth/ability/skills in the game, which is both the feature and fun of the game, but at the same time, the accumulation process will inevitably make people feel tired, but now, the emergence of mods has rewritten this situation. Here, you don't need to spend most of your energy and repeat the slightly boring "accumulation". Mods can easily help you omit this process, thereby helping you focus on enjoying the joy of the game itself

Download Now

Just click the download button to install the moddroid APP, you can directly download the free mod version パワプロ 8.1.1 in the moddroid installation package with one click, and there are more free popular mod games waiting for you to play, what are you waiting for, download it now!

Download パワプロ (MOD, Unlocked)

Download APK (76.28MB)
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