Gardius Empire APK (by GAMEVIL)

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  • February 13, 2018
  • RPG
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  • Version: 3.1.5
  • Category: RPG
  • Size: 89M
  • Update: July 22, 2018 at 11:54 pm
  • Available at: Google Play

Imagine that someday you get the news that you have magical abilities. Your life suddenly changes so unbelievably that the things you have learned and learned have been stripped of mystery. A Legendary World of Gods and Heroes! You will have to trust and follow your destiny set by the gods. Must fall into a dangerous adventure and become a hero to head into the difficult as impossible. Welcome to GAMEVIL’s Gardius Empire. A bold strategy game with a great action role-playing element.

The world of gods and heroes

When officially entered the world of the Gardius Empire game, players can hardly get out of the game because of gravity and graphics cannot be realism. The game is invested in a very elaborate graphics, so you have to admire the way of character formation and restore the excellent medieval architecture. When you have lost in this fairytale world, you will inevitably have to engage in the most intense battles you can not imagine. Difficulties pile up and the problems that come up always make you have no moments to rest. But the adventures of you are the pages rewrite a new fate for the Gardius Empire.

Build a mighty regime of your own

To build a mighty empire, not only to fight bravely but also to be able to fight for power and become a lucid emperor. Be prepared to immerse yourself in a struggle to win the country and preserve it to hand over this heritage to generations to come. To be strong enough to engage in a persistent war, you need to have a powerful force of mythical heroes. Actively fight and summon or collect the heroic gems to create a superior team that can support each other to bring out the ultimate power from various attributes.

Battles change history

You will be immersed in a massive battle that affects all aspects of the life of the people throughout a vast land. In that battle, you must not only fight with the mundane and the evil forces but also stand up against the armies of enemy gods. They bring in unparalleled strength and good combat with years of training dedicated to war only. Conquer the Royal Palace to step up to become a new Supreme Commander confidently! And yet, you have to engage in frequent battles with bizarre monsters that have never been mentioned in any mythology. When you destroy them, you will gain the right to exploit natural resources to increase your potency and compete for territory with players who are also like you.

Thanks to the abundant resources exploited you will be much assisted in creating a vast empire that extends to many different continents. But the basic factor is still to build up your base and armies to prepare for invasions and fight off foreign enemies trying to invade your land. Set up your base so that you can be assured of exploring new lands and unlocking new content.

Sum up

Gardius Empire APK is highly rated in the battle scenes violence should have been labelled 12+. If you intend to try it, be prepared to engage in a fierce and tense battle.

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