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GetAmped Mobile is the latest card game released by CyberStep. In the context of mobile gaming being saturated by FPS Mobile products and coming to a definite dominance of popular MMORPGs, does the arrival of GetAmped Mobile make the competition hotter?

Download GetAmped Mobile APK Mod for Android

GetAmped Mobile is an RPG that combines a generic turn-based strategy and collecting champion cards developed by CyberStep. Like many titles in the same genre, GetAmped Mobile is not as powerful in graphics as it used to be, but featured in the storyline, unique in character systems.

GetAmped Mobile’s products bring together a myriad of heroes from ancient times, all in the same way that all of the iconic figures in history in East and West have been crammed into GetAmped Mobile, making up the biggest “grinder” hero. This is not a new way, players are no stranger to this type of model. But in a way, the deviation from the orthodoxy is enough to make the player feel interesting, despite not being a pioneer. Let’s play, then we have to count.

GetAmped Mobile APK, as usual, is built on a single 2D graphics platform. Not splendid, not flashy and of course not immense, large. What makes GetAmped Mobile the “right eye” for the player is the use of friendly colors and above all in the way of character formation. A huge system of characters is embedded in the world of GetAmped Mobile with different types of rendering makes the ecosystem of the game extremely diverse and lively. But in the end, the Chibi style of the game makes the characters become more lovely and fun. Whether it is the main or the opposite, it also makes the gamers feel interesting. In addition, the visual effects in the game are relatively beautiful and lively, including not making the product more majestic but meet the criteria “good looking” is also a “small success” of GetAmped Mobile.

GetAmped Mobile is unlike many other card products that are not overly automated. Players will still be able to directly control their game at the right time when it comes to making sensible decisions about which characters will use the best, making the turning point of the battle.

It can be said, apart from content elements, GetAmped Mobile does not have the special in gameplay. Players will still have a familiar title, recovering the new general, teaming up, enhancing, upgrading, launching … the exciting feeling is not at the time of passing but luck or with a ” somehow “get in the hands of a strong general, out in the arena and win.

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