Getting Over It (with Bennett Foddy)


Recently, the name Getting Over It is creating a fever for the gaming community around the world. The game has not been officially released yet, but you can download some trial versions in the game sharing community.

Getting Over It APK is an action game where you play a guy sitting in an iron jar, holding a sledgehammer. As for the name, your main task in this game is to try to control your hammer to overcome the terrain, obstacles are present in the game. How to play the game is quite simple you will use the mouse to control the hammer to perform operations such as a hook, push or pull to move the character. Sounds simple! No, they are not simple at all. Just a malfunction, too strong force, an unstable hammer is enough to fall back to the original starting point. Obstacles in the game also make it difficult for you, you must be very fast or skilful to be able to overcome.

Although it does not have a complicated storyline or best graphics background, Getting Over It makes you spend a lot of time with it. To understand why a simple game can create such a big fever, let’s remember the title of Vietnamese game that has rained all over the world before, Flappy Bird developed by Nguyen Ha Dong with over 50 million downloads. Getting Over It, too, creates an innocent “inhibition” not just for those who are playing but also for those sitting around them. And the second inhibitor is that when you manipulate the hammer and the guy in the cauldron falls, it probably just wants to smash the screen. This is a very strong impression on many players should Getting over it is a challenging game for many gamers have the reputation. Even Faker players, who feel inhibited and “brain hurts” when not controlling the guy in the cauldron, the other players often inhibited a dozen times with easy vision but hard to win.

Not only that, this game was created to be a big hit when the streamer, the famous player in the world playing as Pewdiepie, Faker. The game was developed by Bennett Foddy (father of QWOP game) is expected to be released on Steam on December 7 and on the Humble Bundle on December 6.
Step into the muddy slides in Getting Over It, you will definitely have to hold your stomach because of the constant laugh. The player will play a guy locked in a jar and can only poke half of the person out. In the hands of a guy with a sledgehammer and the task is to climb the rugged mountains as far away as possible.

In order to do this, the character must constantly swing the hammer to hook the rocks or any objects on the cliff to climb. However, ruggedness, high mountains, and obstacles will create exciting challenges forcing the player to overcome. The most wicked is that there will be periods when you are trapped in a cliff for several days without a clever move, by climbing so high that you lose your hand and fall down the canyon and climb back.

Currently, Getting Over It APK is being offered free of charge on the Google Play app marketplace, which you can find and download or download quickly with a link to our live .apk file at the link below. Have fun

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