Good Day – Smart Tool for Self Improvement APK v0.4.4

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  • November 29, 2017
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  • Version: 0.9.42
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  • Update: August 2, 2018 at 11:25 pm
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Creating good habits is a very important part of everyone’s daily lives, but keeping them up and getting used to them is not a simple thing at all. We often forget about it, and it is the other negative habits. Good Day will help you keep good habits and remind you to do it every day. Along with that, minimize the negative habits of the user.

Download Good Day – Smart Tool for Self Improvement APK v0.4.4 for Android

Launched at Nocuna – a mobile application developer from Hordaland, Good Day – Smart Tool for Self Improvement has caught the eye of many users with a lot of good features to help people improve themselves. Shortly after launch, Good Day for Android has reached 5,000 downloads on Google Play, a dream come true for a new developer and new app. This is the most basic information about this application, and here is the main feature that it gives us.

As we know that each person’s habits are formed daily and that there are bad behaviors that affect themselves and others you do not recognize. This will lead to negative habits to harm your physical health as well as partially affect those around you. Good Day was created to improve that. Every day, users write what happens today in their Good Day application as a kind of diary, and users must judge whether it is good or bad, according to the date the application will help users. Analyze and evaluate those behaviors and give you the best advice.
Using this application daily will help you learn good habits, from which practice discipline, help yourself become a good person, useful for society as well as family. In addition to the above features, Good Day automatically sends you notifications daily, the good news, useful and best will always waiting for readers.

Currently, the app is being sold for $1 for the full ad-free version. Readers can spend a small breakfast to buy and use this app. Using unacknowledged .apk files on the network can lead to some application failure or more dangerous conditions to your device.

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