GPS Navigation & Offline Maps Sygic (MOD, All Unlocked/Patcher)

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  • Version: 18.2.4
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  • Size: 200MB
  • Update: August 24, 2019 at 6:22 pm
  • Available at: Google Play

GPS Navigation & Offline Maps Sygic – Currently, people are stuck at work, so they have to spend a lot of time on their desks. Therefore, people always want to go somewhere when they have some free time. Or even after work, some people want to use the remaining time before dark to go for a walk. But now know where to go? Maybe find some deserted places to enjoy the fresh air, relieve the pressures of life.

The big city, wanting to find its way, must have a map to find the shortest and most accurate route to the place you like. Because time is limited, it is not possible to waste to get lost or get stuck in the city. A map tool in your smartphone is most needed. Many people will choose the Google Maps tool, but I will suggest another application that is equally powerful. It also has features that you will have to admire when using it for the first time and will probably love it for a very long time. Fifty million people worldwide have confirmed this, do you want to test once?

Offline navigation & maps without the internet connection

If you wonder why I introduced this product to users, I first have to consider its manufacturer. Sygic is a fairly diligent studio in producing utility applications in traffic. “The Sygic of the world most advanced navigation app, bringing new ideas and changing trends in travel and navigation category.” This is the slogan of this publisher. They want to bring the latest applications, making us feel that the process of participating in traffic becomes more accessible than ever. Family Location, Speed Camera & Radar, Sygic Travel Maps Offline & Trip Planner, … These are all trendy products.

Live Traffic service finds the faster route, avoids traffic jams

The first feature we must mention is that this application does not need an internet connection to it. If we use Google Maps, it will quickly realize that it requires an internet connection so you can see where you are. GPS Navigation & Offline Maps Sygic does not need these because you will download the capacity and use it as an offline application.

This is convenient for moving to remote areas without internet. Users will be able to Download the maps for free and update quickly if there is a wi-fi connection. Users will find it easier to find the location they want to visit using the voice-guide. That means they just need to say in the microphone the name of the road you want to go; it will automatically show the shortest and most convenient way for you to go. Besides, it also has built-in exciting places that people like to travel to notice.

Parking suggestions with info about availability & price

In a bit of graphics, it first uses a head-up display that allows users to see what is actually recorded with the camera easily. And there will be parameters on the screen so they can quickly understand their situation and drive safely. Regarding safety, you can see the speed limit that you can go in different sections that are updated continuously on the map. It helps people with traffic in a handy way. If you want to switch to 3D map mode, it will display the places you are coming in with 3D images like in RPGs. In addition to the traffic jams or some unexpected problems, you can also use the avoid traffic function to find the optimal distance to the location you want.

MOD Info

Unlocked All Premium

Install Guide

1. Uninstall the previous version!
1a. Delete the folder Sygic from your root sdcard if exist.
1b. Delete the folder com.sygic.aura from your External Removable SDCard/Android/data or Internal Storage if exist.
1c. Download base folder from here!
1d. For Android < 4.4+ Extract and make a new folder name Sygic on your root External Removable SDCard or Internal Storage. Copy to SDCard/Sygic/put here “Android”, “Maps“, “Res” from extracted com.sygic.aura folder.
1e. For Android > 4.4+ Extract and copy folder com.sygic.aura to SDCard/Android/data/put folder here on your root External Removable SDCard or Internal Storage.
2. Download and Install Patched apk.
3. Start the app, APK to install on External Removable SDCard or Internal Storage (require ALLOW Permission to Storage), skip email.
4. Download maps from Sygic Store or uses MapDownloader.
5. Enjoy!

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