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  • April 7, 2018
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  • Version: 1.5.8
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  • Update: July 20, 2018 at 1:30 am
  • Available at: Google Play

Are you a true gamer with the desire to explore and conquer the world of various games today? At least once you have tried Granblue Fantasy or heard about it. Because Granblue Fantasy is currently considered one of the most influential and famous titles in the gaming community worldwide. That’s because it’s been played by more than 18 million people every day. With such widespread coverage, Granblue Fantasy has come a long way with many improvements as well as updates. The limiting factor is language. Since only the Japanese version, now more international design with global language – English language. In Granblue Fantasy, you will find endless fun with innovative gameplay, diverse features, and the gathering of famous characters from Street Fighter, Sakura Wars, Attack On Titan, Cardcaptor Sakura, … and moreover.

How to play

A typical RPG with role-playing and counter-battles in individual turn-based battles. You will select any character in the list to immerse yourself in the game, then join the match with advanced weapons. Games that require character summons with the class system will aid them in their agility and increase their power and attack power as well. Destination of the game is the most intense last match, where the real power has to release. Your squad when properly controlled will produce supprised results. To reach this goal, you must pass all the side missions along the way, while collecting coins and using them in exchange for crystal fragments to form the most special weapons. You will have a separate inventory of equipment, items and weapons, classified according to SSR, SR, R, or N of water, fire, wind, light and dark. Items in stock will be put to use at the appropriate time to achieve the best combat results, and entirely decided by you.

Typical features

There are more than 100 character designs, which are characteristic of Tsutomu Narita, Minaba, etc. This is one of the things that make you happy and fun. There are so many choices and looks, so players confuse which character to choose as their like. In the game, according to the game situation, there will be voices emitted as the role is communicating. This is the voice acting voiced by Hiroaki Hirata, who also expressed Final Fantasy XII and Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy.

Sum up

There are so many great things to say about a game that is loved by so many gamers around the world. And you can only feel the full appeal of Granblue Fantasy MOD when you experience it. And before loading, I have a few remarks to remind you. Granblume Fantasy is an online role-playing game, supported on Google Chrome or Apple Safari browser if you use a computer, and with a mobile phone, you can download it via ModDroid & APK for mobile devices. Using the Android operating system or the iOS Store. There will be two versions for you to consider if in Japan is the original version with content entirely in Japanese. Or do not, please download the international version update in English. Now come to Granblue Fantasy and join in the fight with over 18 million other players in the world.

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