Gumballs & Dungeons APK (Update v0.37.170815.03-1.8.1) Mod Coins/Gems


Gumballs & Dungeons is a tactical adventure game that combines fun RPG elements where players will discover different maps, recruit unique gumball warriors and challenge other players all over the world. Entering the dark world of Gumballs and Dungeons, players will be engaged in a mysterious adventure, commanding warriors such as swordsmen, demon hunters, mages, and knights to defeat Evil Lord of Erathia. Join the game, challenge other players and see how long can you survive on this mysterious journey?

Download Gumballs & Dungeons Mod Coins/Gems APK latest for Android

Features of Gumballs & Dungeons on Android

  • Play and explore the world in Gumballs & Dungeons with all the players around the world, PvP challenge with your friends and become the highest-ranked player in the online rankings.
  • Win and unlock more than 20 different game maps in Gumballs & Dungeons including Magic Forest, Magic Tower, Dracula Castle, Long Island Spear …
  • Train and upgrade your Gumball team, then challenge other players around the world and snatch their resources to upgrade your warrior equipment.
  • During the game, you will have the opportunity to recruit a lot of new powerful gumball warriors with a lot of different powers including mage, swordsman, Odin, vampire …
  • Use the money you earn to upgrade your alchemist’s workshop, where you can create coins and resources.
  • Enjoy the magic stories in the game
  • If you need technical help or have trouble playing, contact the manufacturer for help as soon as possible by going to Settings, selecting Guide.

With bright graphics, colorful games, and simple gameplay, players can easily get used to the game in just a short time, with virtual attack buttons at the bottom of the screen. Another highlight of this title is that you can freely challenge other players around the world to compete for top rankings and earn valuable achievements.

New feature

  • Optimization.
  • Optimize rules when collecting trophies.
  • Change some icons and name
  • Upgrade game performance
  • Technical troubleshooting.
  • Fixed a bug related to the data issue.
  • Added new combo skills.
  • Create over 20 new combo skills
  • Add a new strategy to Boss.
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