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Gundam seems to be the basis for many of the titles of robot warriors from the past. From the manga/anime series, we have a lot of blockbusters that are incredibly successful in the gaming market. They come in a variety of genres, including RPG, card, action fighting, etc. It is compatible with many low-to-high operating systems for fans of all ages in gaming demand. And now, 7th February 2018 it is transformed into a game style with no resemblance to its previous chords with RTS gameplay (real-time strategy). Gundam Sokuo Sensen is a name that many people are interested in recently released by Bandai Namco.

An excellent new game by Bandai Namco

When participating in the game will be a little different from what you have experienced or imagined with the name Gundam. You will not be able to immerse yourself directly and fight death as a hero who will become a good military general. Your job is to build your Gundam a powerful platform that will then create a massive army of invincible. Then bring them into a bloody and fierce battle against the forces of resistance that could harm world peace. It will be a straightforward, uncompromising battle because the forces of the opponent are not inferior to you at all.

Based on the Anime / Manga Mobile Suit Gundam

Gundam Sokuo Sensen is evidently based on the Mobile Suit Gundam series, so the story is almost identical to its original story. The two most significant forces facing each other are E.F.S.F. and the Zeon faction. They can devalue the balance of justice of the world by repelling the enemy in a weaker position. For that reason, the player will have to work hard to be able to shoulder the responsibility of a person who decides the fate of the whole region. In the One Year War, the Zeons and corps held a significant role in world peace. It is the battle for Independence against the Earth Federation Forces is being attacked and attacked a lot of lands.

Players will be given the option to choose which side will best fit their style of play. They will have to build and develop their army of powerful Gundam and elite troops. The game was created with a display and style of soldiers very similar to the Clash Royale based on the principle of deck-building. With this gameplay, you will have to capture the most reasonable time to place your units in strategic positions to overwhelm the opponent’s attack.

A significant change in gameplay is that you can place your units wherever you think will give you the advantage of your team, not necessarily putting it on a squad at all. But there is one ultimate goal that you need to aim at to win your opponent is to destroy the enemy base. You may lose the battle, but if the enemy’s house is knocked down, the winner is still your friend. Apparently later, the strength of the opponent also increased significantly, so you also have to upgrade their units so that they can fight more persistent and efficient than before. If you choose the E.F.S.F team, your party will be the Gundam and the other party for the Zaku units.

Go back to childhood with Gundam Sokuo Sensen

Of course, you choose which side for yourself, fight for the ideal; it is also the right decision of your own. Fight for the sake of your choice and do not be concerned with the external factors that affect your psyche. Welcome to the battlefield, General !!!

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