Guns of Boom (Update v2.1.0) Mod

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  • July 18, 2017
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Developed by Game Insight studio, Guns of Boom brings a classic multiplayer experience and is separate from many other shooter games. The first thing needed to mention is that simplicity in gameplay doesn’t require any complexity. The control mechanism of the game is so simplified that it automatically shoots so you just need to aim and move in a smart way, in addition, the action in the game is so quite smooth that it will be easy for gamers of other FPS to get acquainted quickly.

Guns of Boom APK v2.1.0 Mod download latest for Android

The game also owns a variety of weapons with the ability to upgrade to a variety of levels: From assault rifles, pistols, shotguns to machine guns. Each type owns 10 different types of shape and lets you choose from. With the massive amount of games, it also promises to keep gamers for a long time and satisfy the maddening FPS thirst.
On the other hand, Guns of Boom for Android brings fun with the cheerful graphics, as well as attracting every gamer to participate in the game. Combined with vivid sound, all promise to bring a full of an exciting playground. Guns of Boom is an extreme shooter game for Android phones, with this genre, the player may not be unfamiliar with it, but be sure to come to this game, you will feel the new difference that is only possible in the Guns of Boom.

Guns of Boom – Online Shooter for Android main features

– Easy and intuitive controls
– Attractive gameplay with great graphics
– Provide up to 48 weapons to choose from, including machine guns, assault rifles, assault rifles, hunting rifles, and more. Each one has unique abilities: increased headshot damage, making enemies slower, and even leeching.

Guns of Boom APK mod features

– Bit More Damage
– High Hit Range
– 999 Ammo for each respawn
– Instant Reload
– No Recoil
– No Recoil while Aiming
– Better Aim Help
– Anti Ban (Not tested) :new:
– Anti Cheat Detection (Not tested) :new:
– 100 Lvl (Not tested)
– Unlimited Health (JUST VISUAL !!)
– Unlimited Shield (JUST VISUAL)

There is a powerful weapon that will always support you all the time. They are the bombs. Opening the detonator of bombs, throwing at the enemy to destroy them as quickly as possible, the light of fire along with smoke will contribute to making the battle mysterious and curious, making you more and more excited in the game.

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