Guns Royale Mod APK (Money/No Ads)


Guns Royale is a mobile shooting style game, giving gamers a glimpse of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds in the real life. Yes, it is Guns Royale – PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds-style multiplayer gameplay combining Minecraft and virtual reality to bring the ultimate mobile experience to life.

Download Guns Royale Mod APK (Money/No Ads) latest for Android

You have not heard the wrong things. With your Smartphone, you can control Minecraft’s square-shaped characters and participate in PUBG-like squad battles. But what is worth mentioning is the entire gameplay and 3D character you see can be integrated directly into the real-life scene such as the floor, the table, or whatever you want. Images of small models running back and forth on the desk and engaging in crazy gun battles in the network arena will really make a strong impression in the minds of players. Guns Royale with its unique mechanism promises to be the pioneer in the virtual entertainment aspect of the iPhone 8 and the new AR 11 support.

As every other survival game has ever seen on the market today, the first job is to set up your avatar and that is the character in the game that you will control. Because it’s a game on the phone, Guns Royale possesses quite simple graphics, mostly in the 8-bit Pixel format which is classic, besides the environment created from the diverse shapes that make up the characteristic figure or things. However, this does not adversely affect the gameplay of Guns Royale, even works to make the player feel comfortable and relax extremely. In addition, combining with the bright sound of the beat up the fun of the game.

How to play Guns Royale Mod APK is quite simple and classic, it is you and the other players are placed on a large map and everyone will have to kill each other. Who is the last survivor, of course, will be the winning warrior. Along with the collection of guns or equipment such as helmets, bulletproof suits, shoes are randomly dropped on the map. Guns Royale is designed with top-down viewing angles to help you see the large location and the enemy, as well as supplies better. There is a great mechanism in this fun shooting game.

The game has been the test playing for a period time with a lot of gamers involved. Recently, developers have made an attraction with some screenshots of the new map. This is one of two new maps with jungle theme but we still do not know if the new theme will lead to a new specific game or just a little bit different in terms of images. New maps also include grenades, backpacks, rescue packages. Overall, Guns Royale seems to be more interesting as developers are still concentrating their development. The viewing angle is quite close to the sense of guns are more “crazy”, more interesting.

Installation Instructions

Unzip the .zip file
Install APK file
Move the folder to the Android/obb path

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