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You are too familiar with this type of game as a kid trying to find out about life around him. The rules are as simple as other electronic games. In the game Happy Chef 2, the player will be cooking comfortably but with the condition that must be completed within the time allowed. Imagine a realistic way to see. If you play a guest to eat but have to wait too long, then you will go out of the restaurant and to another restaurant. Customers do not like, sales decline, the chef as we are sure to be fired. Therefore, strict requirements on time are needed.

Make dishes from all places of the world

(Hawaii, America, China, and France, and become a world-famous star chef) (100 dishes to cook from easy to complex).
After spending the hardest months with straightforward dishes such as pizza and pasta, you have learned how to make more delicious meals than before. As a result, you start to be trusted to develop restaurants around the world. Not only that, players can learn the culture and indigenous dishes to process the taste of the people here.

Kitchen upgrades and shop decorations

Now that you’ve become a talented chef, you can not cook in a shabby kitchen. Your staff will work faster and more efficiently in a good working environment. Modern equipment has been added to your cooking more and more, making productivity much higher than before. The money will soon be filled in your safes. Now, the mediocre cooker has become a wealthy man.

Admittedly, after becoming rich, you can not work in a dangerous and ugly kitchen. Your workplace needs to be decorated with more beautiful, sophisticated items. Imagine your kitchen is painted in bright pink or all furniture is made of wood. Indeed cooking there will make your creativity sublimate more. Believe me; it’s a tonic for your soul.

Serve customers with unique taste

The cook had everything he needed in his hand, such as money, restaurants, kitchens, modern equipment, etc. It was time for the artist of the food to cook more than 100 unique dishes. Nowhere is this possible with the highest possible technique. The individual taste that people eat can only enjoy once in life that is not likely to be able to retry the second time no matter how much money. Fame and money still cannot stop you from cooking. Hold on to that spirit.

Have a lot of fun(25+ hours to complete the game)

Anyway, Happy Chef 2 Mod is a fascinating video game with little kids who are learning about the world around them, especially girls who like to cook and adults who need light entertainment. Designers have created over 70 levels for you to overcome, each level is a different challenge that keeps you interested in the game. Besides, the game contains five mini-games with unique visuals to change the atmosphere when playing the primary mode too much. It is also a great game that many people love.

Sum up

Of course, Happy Chef 2 is a simple game, but it still has an irresistible charm when the 5 million milestone downloads. You can download it for kids in your home to experience it and have fun hours as well as improve your intellect and agility. But I recommend that you cook with them, which is an excellent time to connect with family as well as a chance to relieve stress.

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