Head Football LaLiga 2020 (MOD, Unlimited Money)


Lali ga, also known as the Spanish championship football tournament is recognized as one of the professional football leagues. The most career in the world. Lali station takes place every year and attracts millions of fans. Each season has many famous clubs and teams, for example, Real Madrid, Atlético Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Athletic Bilbao, Valencia, etc. With the participation of the players Player: Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo, Luis Alberto Suárez, Busquets, … Are you a football lover? So join the Head Soccer LaLiga 2019 now. You don’t need to wait for the annual season anymore, even to compete as a professional player anymore.

Best free league soccer games

Head Soccer LaLiga 2019 is a fun football game. Unlike Dream League Soccer 2019, you will not need to build both a squad and control the squad during the competition. In Head Soccer, you will play as a single player, and play 1-1 with a player from another team. Head Soccer has no tactical elements such as squad formation or player training. Your mission is merely to overcome the opponent and score goals to win. Specifically, in each game, you will protect the goal frame on the left, and the opponent will protect the goal frame on the right. Within a minute, the team that scored more goals will win the final.

The system provides you with an intuitive control interface, including two left, right buttons for you to move, and skill skills such as kicking, hitting the head. You need to use these skills flexibly, creating combos that keep the opponent from reacting, and finally putting the ball into the opponent’s goal to score. In addition to the usual skills, each player has a unique skill. This skill can make the opponent unable to move for a short time, or allow the player to perform high-speed, high-precision finishes. In the process of competition, the temperament point will continuously increase. And when the bar is full, you click on the flame icon to use special skills.

Player system

Head Soccer offers hundreds of players like Messi, Ronaldo, Suarez, R.yanet, Campana, Granell, … and more. When you first play, the system only provides you with a certain number of players. But when you experience longer, you can also unlock more players by using gold to buy, or complete special missions. Each player has their own characteristics, showing their ability to play ball: Speed, Jump, Shot, Sprint, and Power Up. The higher the features, the better the player’s performance, making it easier for you to overcome your opponent to score a goal.

After each upgrade, the character will be rewarded with stars to increase the level. However, each enhancement will cost you some money. For example, the first time you upgrade your Speed ​​indicator, you will lose 200 dollars, the second is 300 dollars, and the third is 800 dollars, and will continue to increase at the next upgrade. In addition to the bonuses received from the victories, you can make money in some other way, such as on duty, or watching promotional videos.

Temporary end

Head Soccer not only has exciting gameplay, but the players are also designed in a cartoonish style, which looks very funny. Head Soccer will give you fun times, clear away the boring time. Don’t miss the funny Head Soccer game

MOD Info?

1. Unlimited Gold
2. Unlimited Money (visual but you can get it exchange with gold)

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