Heart’s Medicine Doctor’s Oath (MOD, Free Shopping)


GameHouse is a game developer based in Seattle, Washington, USA. They developed their games on both platforms for PC and Mobile. If you are a person who is interested in game news, can you also know the famous Delicious series of GameHouse? Besides, GameHouse also has many other exciting games that you should try, such as Heart’s Medicine Doctor’s Oath. This game has quite a deep storyline, and soon we will go to find out.


Heart’s Medicine Doctor’s Oath set in Queensburrow Bridge Hospital revolves around the main character Allison Heart, a trainee for a doctor. During this practice, Dr. Ermey became a doctor in charge of Allison’s practice, and it seemed like the doctor did not like Allison very much. Allison received a few warnings, that if she didn’t do her job well, Ermey would miss her, making her unable to graduate. During that time, a patient with a mysterious disease appeared. Allison, Connor, Sophia… and even Dr. Ermey are trying to find a cure for this patient. Allison felt it was difficult and she needed you to help, find new remedies, before the patient’s condition deteriorated and could not be cured.

Doctors. Dreams. Drama!

When you join the game, you will play the role of Allison, and your mission is to be at the hospital clinic, to examine patients to complete this internship. The game follows the plot, so at the beginning, the system will introduce the game context for you. After that, you will be at the clinic and perform the tasks proposed by the game. The patients will come to this clinic. Each of them has a specific health condition, and you need treatment to get their health back to normal. Common diseases are rubbing out of the body, often with common diseases such as flu, headache, etc. Depending on the situation you use medical equipment and sell medicine to them. After the treatment is completed for each patient, you will receive stars and hearts. They are like money units in this game, and you can use them to buy new equipment for your clinic or decorative items. The game has 240 levels for you to experience. Each level has challenges of varying difficulty, and will gradually become more difficult.


Heart’s Medicine Doctor’s Oath built on a simple 2D platform, and are adorable cartoon style. The characters and scenery of the game use a bright color, which is very eye-catching. But at the same time, the characters’ expressions are also expressed very clearly, even if it is a simple graphics. You can feel the anxiety of the character every time you encounter difficult things. Join this game and help Allison complete the final training session

MOD Info?
  • Internet connection is required for in-app purchases, please keep the network smooth
  • The game has used the Lucky Patcher to process in-app purchases. Please search for the Lucky Patcher in the station and select the old version 6.7.4 to download and install. Use the Lucky
  • Patcher to open the game and buy it in-house (no ROOT permission is required, install it)
  • If the purchase fails, please try to clear the cached data with Lucky Patcher and try again
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  1. Can you update to the current version 36.1.162, please?
    I would greatly appreciate it.

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