Hills of Steel (MOD, Unlimited Money)


In the history of human war, it can be said that there have been many weapons and various types of formation. In general, all have a purpose of attacking the opponent so effectively and bringing victory to their side. There have been many types of weapons released and can say the most powerful thing to the present is the atomic bomb. However, it was banned from the war because of the degree of danger and consequences it would cause when brought into the battlefield. So in terms of battles on land alone, tanks are still a dangerous weapon and achieve the best offensive effect for every squad.

Because of that special and charismatic, the game products that use the image of the tank as the mainstream are released a lot. Although at present, individual role-playing games that play in the way of survival are the most popular in the market, Tank Shoot games are still among the most popular. “Hills of Steel” has been around for quite a long time and it is also one of the products that represent a simple tank shooting game, operating in a 2D side-scrolling style. Thanks to the popularity and support of players around the world, it is about to have a second version of its release. You can find playing videos that early access to fast and prestigious gamers post on YouTube.

Hills of Steel gameplay has an easy-to-learn and straightforward, which seems like the flash games that were popular on the web before. Although the gameplay has a bit of difference, the overall view is still the same. The ultimate task of the player is to destroy all opponents who are present on his ring. The duration of a game is unlimited so you can freely show your skills. It is a rule in standard play scenarios when you have participated in 2s2 battles; there will be a time to limit this game. You, along with a teammate, will participate in a match against two opponents who are also players found and connected right on the internet. Within 1 minute, your team will have to use all their strength to attack the opponent and destroy them.

Any party that is wholly defeated will be considered a loser or a time has expired, then the party that is hit more damage is the loser. Besides, there are dominant Boss battle modes. They will own tanks equipped with a lot of weapons and work correctly. Players will have to control their tank to master and find weaknesses in the enemy’s movement. Winning a boss will receive a lot of rewards.

There are many types of tanks you choose and participate in battles. Each category will have its own indicators so you can review and put in your game. With three different stats, Armor, Gun, and Engine, players must consider how to match the situation of each match. Don’t worry too much if your beloved tank doesn’t meet the conditions of the match. You can use the money you get to upgrade it to become stronger.

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