HIT Reboot APK (Update v1.31.168202) Mod Gem

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  • November 20, 2017
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HIT Reboot is set in medieval Europe with wilderness, dark dungeons, and Hollywood-themed monsters. This is not a new storyline but under the hand of NEXON, the game is more beautiful and realistic than ever.

Download HIT Reboot APK (Update v1.31.168202) Mod Gem for Android/iOS

The player chooses one of the four basic characters, including Hugo, who holds the heavy swords and sortie enemy armies. Anika with the reaping-hook, sharpening the enemy with death dance. Lucas brings the fear to enemies with dual swords. Kiki uses magic staff to control the basic elements. Each character will have their own shape, skills and strengths and weaknesses. Developed in the direction of role-playing action, HIT has quite familiar gameplay with pass-the-stage fighting and non-target combat mechanisms. The game does not have too many complicated and complex game modes, but it’s packed with main modes like Solo Dungeon, Daily Dungeon, Arcade, Raid, Challenge, and Guild Wars.

It’s not too hard to get started with HIT, simple gameplay and feature-rich action. From the beginning, the player was able to free their hands, thanks to the optimized auto-system, self-tracking, and fighting. However, this is a semi-auto mode because you will have to manually launch the skill at the appropriate time to be able to overcome in the shortest time to win the full 3 stars. Equipment, gold will be dropped when you kill the boss in each level. When you complete the tasks by day, week, month you will also receive important rewards for upgrading character. The upgrading mechanism in the game is quite simple and easy to understand. Equipped in the game will be classified into many qualities from the Common, Uncommon, Rare, Hero, and Epic, corresponding to the degree of difficulty making up. Equipment of the Uncommon may fall out of the appendix, get in special quests, or open a casket paid by diamond. Unnecessary equipment will be used to level the main equipment.

A special feature of the game is in the various skill and weapon systems. Each character will have the same skill set, but development in the direction depends on the choice of the players. Besides, the combination of equipment is also very important, perhaps this is a good spot to help stimulate the interest of players. In general, equipment and skills in the game is not a lot of cumbersome. In the process of playing, you just have to work hard, it is possible to have enough materials to upgrade items without overcharging too much.

Main features in the game focus on the main mode Solo Dungeon, Daily Dungeon, Arcade, Raid, Challenge and Guild Wars. The dungeon is a solo mode. This is where you can earn gold, experience and good equipment for the character. Solo Dungeon is open unlimited, of course, you can also replay the passages that have been passed to farm more experience and items. When you accumulate enough stars, you will receive a valuable reward.

Challenge mode in the game is really attractive with many different levels. The most noteworthy to mention Tower Trials Tower – a regime that requires concentration and challenges the power of the player. The higher the climb will be difficult but at the same time, the item is more attractive. In the arena, you will compete with a 1vs1 form very similar to the game of resistance. Your opponent will auto-complete and you can freely control your character. Because of no direct PK mechanism, the results of the competition depend heavily on the character’s stats. The battles in the guild battle will take the form of 3v3, each team will select 3 teams to fight. Any team that survives will win.

The characters in the game are designed in the standard proportions, the moves, acrobatics, and combat of the character is smooth, flexible and full of strength. Character moves are strong and action game style. In addition to the beautiful blowing tactics, the goal is to turn the goal is slow to turn extremely profound. Strong fighting styles such as movies are probably the key to the success of an ARPG like the HIT.

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