Hollywood Story (MOD free shopping)


Hollywood Story – You know actor Vin Diesel plays the guy in the movie Pitch Black Fast and Furious or her beautiful Jennifer Lawrence in the film Passenger? They are A-list celebrities in Hollywood, with acting talent as well as the big money they make in the movie industry, they have achieved the career success that everyone desires.

Try to become a Hollywood star

Moreover, how about you, have you ever wanted to join the industry, and become the most brilliant stars yet? If you ever want to live like that then let Hollywood Story help you to experience it. This game is like an adventure into the movie world, join in and get new experiences for yourself.

In Hollywood Story, you will play a young woman in the process of building her career in Hollywood movie center. First of all, for the start of your career, you need to help her become beautiful and charming. The game offers a beauty shop system with fashionable clothes, skirts, high heels, .. You can dress in youthful, polite, sexy or office style as you like.

Movies, fashion, fans and lots more

Besides the hairstyle, face and accessories such as bags, earrings, necklaces,… help you become more splendid. Then get involved in film projects and show off your excellent acting talent. Sooner or later, you will become famous and have lots of fans. You can also go to showbiz and become a singer with vocals full of power, making the audience love. Besides, you can become a fashion store owner, manage sales or become a fashion designer and relish the creation of gorgeous costumes. After the fatigue at work, you can date the handsome guy, enjoy dinner together, talked together exciting or go to the movies, shopping…

The mechanism of the game Chapters follow each chapter is a piece of life that the main character must go through. Help her accomplish her work and make her career more successful.

Sum up

Hollywood Story MOD can play quite gentle and suitable for entertainment at times when you are tired. This game is like a miniature life of a human being, exploring their lives to know that there are still many interesting things that we need to discover in our own lives. Download this game and enjoy the fun.

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