Hungry Shark Evolution (MOD, Unlimited Coins/Diamond)


Hungry Shark Evolution – Warner Bros. has released a movie superhero – The Meg. Shortly after the release of the trailer, netizens were eagerly anticipating the official opening of The Meg. The main focus of the film is sharks, the most aggressive animal in the series, as well as the title for many titles, as well as the idea for the makers of the game. Talking about the need to entertain, people have enjoyed quite a lot of shark-related products, but, on the game side, not much interest in shark species.

Evolve the ultimate predator!

Utilizing untapped sources of ideas will make a difference to present yourself in comparison to today’s popular games. Ubisoft has noticed this, has released to the user series Hungry Shark. The main object here is the fierce shark under the sea. In the sea of food, Shark is always hungry, so eating is never enough. Thanks to the interesting details from this game, Ubisoft has tried to develop Hungry Shark. The latest version of this series is Hungry Shark Evolution, brings many improved graphics as well as a variety of skins of sharks, promises to bring players much emotion and experience the most exciting

Unlock more than a dozen unique sharks and other fintastic creatures

As an uncle Shark Always in the state of hunger, your task is to control the shark to be able to eat fish or other animals (including crabs, shrimp). In the underwater world, there will be plenty of animals your Shark can eat, some of which are not. Most sharks can swallow small animals, but bigger fish require upgrading your shark to make them bigger and healthier. Not only are the bigger fish hindering you, but they can also re-eat your shark. Jellyfish also contribute to killing your Shark because they can cause your Shark to lose health. If Shark’s blood bar goes to zero, you will have to play it again.

The interesting point of Hungry Shark Evolution is that your Shark can also attack humans, and eat birds flying over the water. Control your fish to swim at a fast pace over the water to attack nearby people, or swallow the swimmers across the beach. Speeding up the pool and controlling the Shark upwards will help you eat the birds. Note that bombs, gas cylinders, oils, or toxins can lose a large amount of Shark’s blood, which should be carefully avoided when encountering these obstacles.


Designed in 3D, the Hungry Shark Evolution appeals to gamers at first sight. The effect is extremely smooth; the image is thoroughly refined to ensure the best game experience. Sharks have been added to many new features, skin types and can also be equipped with tools to make them stronger, more personalized. There are many surprises from this Evolution that players can experience in the future.

Summing up

Hungry Shark Evolution will be a great option for those who love new game titles, as well as Ubisoft fans. Adding to the many variations in gameplay and graphics, this Evolution version will give you many surprises if you have ever played the previous product of the company. Because this product will be taken care of regularly, very few errors occur. People from all over the world have downloaded and experienced, most recognize the game very or even addictive. If you do not want to be addicted, do not download Hungry Shark Evolution. But if entertainment needs high, do not hesitate anymore.

MOD Info?

– Endless coins and gems;
– MENU MOD features

  1. immortality (include before the start of the game);
  2. high damage (turn on before the start of the game);
  3. endless gold rush;
  4. endless stamina (turn on before the start of the game).
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