Idle Stickman (MOD, One Hit/God Mode)


Currently, many people own an ideal job, but sometimes these jobs take too much of their time. So, leisure time for the people of work becomes extremely valuable. A mobile game they can play in their free time and play anywhere can be considered as one of the top options. It is for this reason, I will give you – busy people – suggestions for a highly entertaining and extremely relaxing game: Idle Stickman. Developed by “ZPLAY Games”, not complicated, not picky, the game promises to give players the most comfort, which can be said to be much more comfortable than many other games.


With the name Idle Stickman, players can easily imagine how to play this game. The game has extremely simple gameplay that anyone can easily access. Basically, players will participate in an endless arena, where they will join the Stickman warriors to participate in the never-ending match. With 2 simple play mechanics which are upgrading characters and opening new Gate, players can easily access the game without having to apply too much gray matter. The Gate is divided into several layers stacked on top of each other. Every Gate when unlocked will work together at the same time and never stop. Because the enemy troops appear very quickly and continuously in endless numbers. By letting his character fight and destroy the enemy troops, players will be adding money and experience points.

Whenever characters accumulate a certain amount of money, players will use it to upgrade characters (mostly to increase the attack speed) and open new Gate. And EXPs will be saved for opening the next Gate. Because the game works in cycles, the more Gates you open, the more enemies you destroy, the character’s rewards will increase exponentially. There is no way the player will be stuck at a Gate for too long because after maximizing the abilities of many characters, you will quickly earn rewards. The most interesting and special feature of the game lies in the Stickman character and how each character attacks. It can be said that the number of weapons and shapes of Stickman’s is very diverse and extremely rich, it takes a relatively long time for players to unlock all kinds of characters and weapons. The higher you go, the faster and stronger the enemy troops, to deal with this problem, the player needs to quickly upgrade the character’s attributes. It can be said, “Idle Stickman” is the game with the pressure release gameplay. Most players do not need to exercise much brain, just leave the phone on the table, the game can continue to operate smoothly and infinitely, you just sit still and enjoy the results. The game is highly entertaining and time-efficient, so the game will probably be useful for busy people.


In addition to the simple but somewhat realistic gameplay, Idle Stickman still offers players many interesting features. First, the game gives players more than 50 Stickman characters with a very cool and unique physique. The game will always give you a new feeling when opening different Gates. Besides, players can create infinite amounts of money, the game encourages players to open as many gateways as possible. Through it, you will encounter many more diverse characters in the enemy ranks. Not only is the player’s character fully equipped, but the number of enemy troops holding powerful weapons is also not quite small. Every moment the battle takes place, the player will feel the drama of the match, but at the same time feel relaxed and relaxed. Also, the game has Power-Ups that appear randomly during gameplay. Although the game still works well and does not have much influence if the player does not take this opportunity, the ability of players to make money and buy experience points will also increase faster than expected. It can be said that this is one of the features “It is okay to take it, it is not harmful to take it”


For gamers who love difficult, dramatic and beautiful graphics and vividly, it seems that “Idle Stickman” cannot meet this. But with a role as a leisure game, the game is just enough to conquer the look of the user. Overall, the colors in the game are relatively bright and bright. With animated lines, the whole game looks quite lively and natural. Because it’s only for entertainment purposes, the game doesn’t stand out in terms of violence, although the whole scene of the war is engulfed in guns and bullets. It can be said that the graphics of the game are not only suitable for busy people but also many generations of young gamers.

MOD Info?


1. One Hit Kill
2. God Mode
3. No ADS


Money increases when you spend it

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