Infinite Flight – Flight Simulator (MOD, Unlocked All)


Infinite Flight – Sometimes during work time, I often look out the window, when I often see the birds and the aircraft flying in the sky wide. Freedom! Looking back at myself, busy with work, and sometimes I secretly wish, if only I could fly and feel such a spacious sky. Then, the Infinite Flight game came out, smashed the limits, and helped me to fly in the vast heaven that I longed for. This is a simulation game released by Infinite Flight LLC, with high-quality graphics and exciting gameplay, this game promises to bring you a memorable experience.

The most realistic flight simulator

Joining Infinite Flight, you will become a true pilot, controlling large planes. Your task in this game is to transport passengers, along with the amount of cargo to a designated location. The game offers more than 30 types of aircraft such as Airbus, Boeing, Embraer, Cessna, Cirrus,… or even specialized military use aircraft for your use. Each class has different characteristics, used to transport different types of goods or passengers separately, and there are various controls for you to explore.

However, only a few are available; the rest must be unlocked by yourself with the money that you earn when performing the task. On the mechanics, when you start your first flight, the system will briefly guide you on how to start and take off the plane. Then, with the controls in the cockpit, you have to manually adjust the direction and speed of the aircraft to complete the journey. You can sit in the cockpit and look at the overall plane, along with the flight coordinates in the outdoor mode. The outdoor style is quite fun; you can look at the scenery from above, to the ground, the snow mountains, crowded cities, or the vast green grass.

3D true graphics

I have never seen a game with realistic graphics like Infinite Flight. The aerial images, the sky, to the surrounding landscape are sharp, with high-resolution image quality. At the same time, matching the right tones and smooth motion effects like a movie, will bring you to a large, airy space, and make you as if sitting on an airplane.


Being a pilot has never been easy at all. Right now with the Infinite Flight simulation game, you can capture memorable experiences with simulated flights right on your phone. Besides, the game has day and night effects, contributing to increased realism. A fun, free game like Infinite Flight that is not on your entertainment list is a pity.

MOD: Everything in this game has been unlocked

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  1. Good,but you must pay if you need to play multiplayer

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