Into the Dead 2: Zombie Survival (MOD, Money/VIP)


When it comes to PIKPOK, gamers will think of titles such as films or storybooks with a clear storyline, typically referred to as Turbo, Into the Dead, … And now Here continues the “storytelling game” as well as the transition to Into the Dead, PIKPOK has released version 2 with name Into the Dead 2: Zombie Survival.

With the mysterious background of fog and wilderness like the first version, the same story is the journey to escape the wandering wreckage to rescue the family of the character that you will reincarnate. But, in version 2, things have been upgraded to a new level, more horror, haunting and of course much more difficult. Let’s see what’s new in Into the Dead 2!

Run away from the zombies

On the way to play, like the first one is the attractiveness has increased significantly. With more varied and enriched weapons, you will be able to overcome the zombie’s challenge like Damage, defeat the zombies by cutting, … to continue to the finish line. You have to remember, and just remember that in the world, you are running – in Into the Dead, no one is safe, the problem is how long you will live and the distance of your run? And do you have a mission to save your family? That’s all. Use weapons, equipment, skills and kill the dangers and run – non-stop.

Into the Dead 2 is a collection of a variety of features and a fascinating storyline with continuous storytelling and clear storyline. Specifically, there are 7 chapters with 7 stages corresponding to the family rescue journey of the character. With a total of 60 gates, 60 challenging tables and hundreds of other trivial challenges. Wow! It sounds pretty dangerous and tough. But do not worry too much. With the powerful weapon system and complementary weapons, you will overcome the challenges in a more comfortable and attractive way. Each time you pass through, you will have the opportunity to unlock and upgrade weapons to higher levels such as ranged weapons, guns, explosives and a variety of other weapons.

7 chapters and more than 60 different regions

With a simple design from the game to the game, Into the Dead 2 makes you feel good with ease and ease in the fight. By playing a variety, not bent, running along the slaughter of zombies while trying to avoid the threat from them. Whatever. Make sure you survive and keep running. Along with that, a host of features such as a variety of role-playing environments with different battle locations will give you the opportunity to experience different battles with your own personal touches. Tactical adjustments to destroy various threats such as old, deadly zombies, newborn zombies …; Then the daily event mode – an opportunity for you to demonstrate your great skills; Provide the dog specialists with you throughout the journey, … All these features are factors that constitute and create the identity of Into the Dead 2.

Sum up

Are you convinced enough to experience Into the Dead 2 MOD yet? Keep in mind a little more before deciding on this game, be mindful of the external memory access requirement to ensure you can experience smooth boot and silent gaming at most possible offline. Play free games, unless you want to buy a few items in the game with real money offline. Come to Into the Dead 2 right now.

MOD Info?


After starting the game, click on the round button in the upper left to open the menu mod with the following features:

  • Infinite game currency;
  • Free upgrade of weapons and companions (include only after training);
  • Open VIP opportunities;
  • Endless ammo;
  • Infinite clip (shooting without reloading).


  1. one hit
  2. unlimited energy
  3. unlimited ammo
  4. no reload
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