Iron Sight ENG APK (Update v1.0.0) Mod

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  • Update: October 18, 2017 at 6:36 pm
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Iron Sight English is set on the world in the near future by the year 2025 when gamers are caught up in a global war between two factions, PDS and CTU. Developed by Wiple Games’ own toolset, Iron Engine promises extremely impressive image quality. In addition, with the goal of creating a realistic game, in the game will certainly not have the “super powerful” weapons that are only in the science fiction games.

Download Iron Sight ENG Mod APK v1.0.0 latest for Android

After opening successfully in Korea, the new blockbuster online game Ironsight set to open the English version in the near future. The expected closed beta will start in November 2017 and officially launched in early 2018 too. In early 2015, Neowiz Games launched a new, next-gen shooter online game called IronSight, with a short trailer video that clearly illustrates the impressive action style that the game will carry: IronSight is set to take on the world in the near future by 2025 when gamers are caught up in a global war between the two factions, PDS and CTU.

In MMOFPS IronSight, gamers will be able to use a variety of modern-day weapons that have great power, including airplanes, heavy guns, and full armed robots. The battlefield in the game is also very large and players will take a long time to familiarize themselves with everything, from the shooting range of the firearms to the smart move to reach the target…

Iron Sight MOD APK Main Features

  • First-person shooter game up to date
  • Armed and diverse weapons
  • Play online with gamers around the world
  • Best 3D graphics on mobile devices
  • Multi-platform support
  • Supports many different languages
  • Select the version
  • Iron Sight (Google Play)
  • Iron Sight (App Store)
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