Jurassic World Alive (MOD, Battery/VIP)


Two years ago, the whole world had to walk out of the way because of the event called “Pokemon Go”. This is a breakthrough step, bringing success to Niantic. The AR technology on the phone is applied radically to the virtual reality games throne. And today, surely the whole world will be as excited as the day that Pokemon GO appeared. A brand new AR game called Jurassic World Alive developed by Universal. The game is currently open for pre-registration on the official website with many attractive rewards. Be the first to catch dinosaurs!

What is virtual reality technology?

VRs are computer-generated simulations that help simulate a living or a real situation. Briefly, this technology will help create anything on your phone screen. Just have your phone have a good camera, you will be surprised by what appears on your phone screen. Thanks to this technology, Niantic has developed Pokemon Go and made it the highest selling mobile game in the world. This trend is not hot all the time because Jurassic World Alive – a virtual reality game that allows players to catch giant dinosaurs will soon reach the mobile terminal. Whether it will remain as the front man, let’s wait and see.

Like Pokemon GO?

Will Jurassic World Alive for Android have the same gameplay as Pokemon GO? No, I do not think so, so many developers and improvements to this game bring a new experience to the user. In comparison, this game is more like Ghostbusters World. Because both of these games are based on the player’s position to collect the dinosaurs. Familiar dinosaurs will appear everywhere, and of course, you do not need to be out on the street to catch them. However, rare dinosaurs will look in the desert, forcing you to move or to buy an aeroplane, go there and take the DNA samples of the dinosaurs for research. Players can then unlock creatures or use DNA to create your hybrid. Joining the Jurassic World Alive game, you will become an adventurer, a talented researcher …

Terrible collection

Of course, you can also create your unique group of dinosaurs. Or even, you can show off to your friends a brazen hybrid that you have owned for so long. Invite your friends to a deserted land, make them form a circle and …. wow, your giant dinosaur monsters appear. This is probably the best experience that virtual reality technology brings to this game.

Train them

Remember, they will have to grow up. Of course, you will have to take care of them, train them from hatching to flying yourself. It sounds like a human, but this is a pretty cool feature in this game. In a way, you have to train your dinosaur, so it must be healthy. They can benefit you a lot. Let’s see!


Increasingly, AR technology is growing, and indeed the newest and most modern will be brought into this game. AR technology will create beautiful dinosaurs, which are identical to the original ones. Is resurrection a dinosaur decision? We have to wait until the game launches to know. Regarding the sound, games are not featured in as much as pictures. However, we still have new and exciting effects. The snarls of the terrorists, or the pains of which they landed. All are reproduced most authentically.


Jurassic World Alive will be a worthy mobile game to be expected this year. Currently, Universal is completing the game and proceeding to open the trial version in some countries. Readers can visit the official website of the game to pre-register and receive attractive offers. All information about this game will be updated soon. For now, no download link. Sit down, enjoy this cup of coffee with me and wait!

MOD Info

  • Always Perfect Hit
  • Unlimited Battery Life
  • Can Hunt Every Dino on the Map (even if too far)
  • Security Bypassed
  • No Cheat Detection
  • Anti Ban
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