Justice Royale (MOD Full)

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  • Update: June 2, 2018 at 7:19 pm
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It seems that RPGs have slowly cooled down over the past few months as this trend has gradually become saturated. Games are almost so similar that the play, story, and graphics are difficult to distinguish. So many players will find ways to play other types of games, simple and easy to play Voodoo video games or Tomcat games are also a good choice. Or maybe someone started out with more than just RPG titles such as RWBY: Amity Arena, God of War, Schoolgirl Strikers 2, etc.

It can be said that thanks to this crisis, Staying with this super-profitable game must promote all its creativity to keep the gamer. Zapling Studios is set to release an RPG-themed game that is unlikely to be the same genre for the time being. Justice Royale is the name that will be released on May 30th. Obviously, I know this is a tricky trick of the publisher when naming the game has the word “Royale”. The gamer will confuse the game with the bad nature of Battle Royale should be able to attract quite a lot of attention in the past. But in general, it is still a very first RPG compared to other games.

Fast paced beat ’em up action!

The control system seems quite simple and intuitive built-in on the phone screen. On the left is a navigation bar that allows you to scroll flexibly throughout the game in a straight-line design. The left side is also a joystick with actions such as punching, kicking, swinging combined with joysticks to create long combos, dealing continuous damage to enemy squads to destroy them as fast as possible. There are a lot of levels to play that you can pass from a bunch of thugs to martial artists twice as tall as you. The game is scheduled to be officially launched in countries such as the Philippines, New Zealand, and Australia was allowed to play through the soft launch. If you have accounts in those countries, then quickly enjoy it in other areas.

Cute graphics

One point that makes it different and more attractive than the other games is the graphics. Because today’s games focus on the full 3D graphics design with the eye-catching and sophisticated characters, players cannot distinguish between them. Not to mention racing graphics should have RPG quality content is extremely poor. Justice Royale with 2D graphics and works like an old-style action game is simple and easy to control. But not so it lost the interest of the gamer because it is designed in 2D but can move in four directions and multi-location combat. Movement and action of the character are also very agile and flexible, less lag. A little subtraction is a scene that is not so much carefree that can lead to a bit of boredom.

Sum up

Thanks to the new direction that the game is a very supportive gamer. This is an exciting combination of classic and modern games, so it will definitely attract both older fans and young fans.

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