Kingdom: Two Crowns


Feeling sits on the throne and looking down at people kneeling under your feet seems to be always loved by everyone. There is no denying that having the power to govern the whole country is a great privilege, but you will not be able to learn how to run your country smoothly and effectively if you do not set it yourself. It is difficult to build and maintain water. Therefore, anyone can fall in love with Raw Fury’s Kingdom: New Lands ($ 9.99) and can not stop playing it. However, with the current multiplayer era, a person experiencing the game is extremely bored, so we bring it to you. Kingdom: Two Crowns is sure to make you excited about its new branding mechanism.

It is undeniable that this type of gameplay is so familiar to players around the world. The young generation of children from the 1980s or 1990s is filled with console games released by the Nintendo publisher every year. The legendary Mario or Kingdom games seem to be deeply rooted in consciousness and can not be replaced, and are now officially based on smart devices. You will be able to grow up yourself with the bare hands and the iron will that you will succeed in the way you have chosen. Kingdom: Two Crowns is a sidescroll game, and in this game, money is probably the first power to judge your success.

With the old mechanism, you can only move the back and ford rolls horizontally, but the challenges along the way will make you cannot complain more. What’s more, this is what makes the game so attractive that you expect. You can experience the multi-player system on a console game. I tested the game on my iPad and plugged two-game handles into it. Unexpectedly, you can play two people at once, build two different kingdoms on the same screen and be able to match up with your friends. It is a very new mechanism that players should be eager to try once in their lives.

Graphics and sound features

In graphics, there is probably no need to say much because it is a platform-based game so there will not be much difference with the games of the day. With pixelated graphics, the manufacturer has not disappointed fans at all when investing heavily in the content of the game. Moreover, thanks to this graphics, Kingdom: Two Crowns can integrate multi-player mode but not too heavy to download and experience on smart devices.

Moreover, although the graphics are not smooth and refined, the items and background are not confusing and confusing, you can understand that when playing another pixel game is Minecraft. In terms of sound, we have complimented the soundtrack team for working hard to produce the most authentic sound and interact with the game environment and the player’s handling of obstacles. That is a spotlight for this seemingly old-fashioned game.


If you have not tried this game yet, I have two options for you:
1. Try it (encouraged) and be fascinated for a long time.
2. Do not play it anymore and then you will lose a memorable memory of the previous generation and a good game worth trying.
If you choose the first option, do not hesitate to download the game.

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