Kirara Fantasia APK (Update v1.0.2) Mod High Def/Speed/Luck

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  • December 8, 2017
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Three co-developers including Houbunsha, Aniplex, and Drecom launched the game Kirara Fantasia on December 6. A hugely engaging RPG mobile game from the cherry blossom country (Japan). Now, Kirara Fantasia (き ら ら フ ァ ン タ ジ ア) is opening a pre-registration portal for this game with fans. You should register now, or after reading the article below to receive attractive incentives, until December 8, the registration gate will close at 14h59′.

Download Kirara Fantasia APK v1.0.2 Mod High Def/Speed/Luck for Android

Kirara Fantasia, a Japanese-themed game based on Houbunsha’s manga series Manga Time Kirara. Manga time Kirara has four-panel style, meaning that each story is divided into four sections and read from top to bottom. The game Kirara Fantasia contains the main characters indispensable in the series by creating characters from the story as well as creating new characters only in the game. You will be playing the most popular anime characters in the manga series Time Kirara, such as Yuno, Miyako, Tooru, Tamaki Honda, Run, etc. Please register now for Aniplex’s pre-registration. , you will be playing all your favorite characters before all the rest, discovering the exciting place.

Are you a fan of the anime style RPG and step into the magical world? Playing different characters in the game, the player will bring in various spells. Extremely attractive is that you can choose the magical person you love, immersed in the plot interesting Manga Time Kirara about the world of magic, fighting for justice. Of course, with the RPG genre, you can go beyond the limit as in the story, each of your choices will create a different outcome, fight for justice, and team up with your friends. Fighting for the formation of different colors, each person compensates for the other by their superior ability. Do not forget to practice for divine power.

And still, hesitate? You can register for this game right now if you like the manga Manga Time Kirara, play the role of the angel in the game and experience the world yourself or wait for the official release from the publisher Aniplex, sure. And it soon to be on Google Play and the app marketplace in this year. You can now register for a trial until 14h59 tomorrow. The trial game is limited to 70,000 quick registration. By signing up for this demo, you will receive the following great offers: Within the first week of sign-in, players will receive gems in the game to summon 10x gacha and 10x upgrades for his character.

Currently, the video trailer for the game is only available on the Japanese YouTube channel, and on the main page of the game publisher Kirara Fantasia. You can log on to the Kirara Fantasia homepage for more details on many other attractive offers.


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