KISS Rock City Mod APK (Unlimited Money/Diamond)


Rock is a music genre that many people love, and of course, someone who does want to become a Rockstar and well-known. However, there is a problem that you can not solve. That is, you do not have enough money and you are facing conflicts that your group is facing. To solve this problem you have to try to perform, make money and realize your dream.

Download KISS Rock City Mod APK (Unlimited Money/Diamond) latest for Android

KISS Rock City is set in the United States in the 90s, this time the music has been growing rapidly, many bands have formed with the sweet singer and the pro players, they appear and go everywhere. Demonstrate your ability and bravery on this fierce battlefield. Especially, players can go everywhere to perform and get a lot of presents from the fans. Choose from 4K, 4K inverted, Rush, Beat Up, and singles, group matches mode. In addition, players can choose from hundreds of the latest songs on the European music charts such as Ready For It, How Long, Kygo – Stranger Things … Depending on the mode of play that the way of control KISS Rock City will be different, the mission mode will help you earn more money but you are not free to do what you love. The final key in the game is that you have to satisfy the most demanding audiences with music that can go deep into their minds. With a rich fashion system, you can comfortably shop and mix stylish outfits. Each stage offers a variety of exciting tunes, with a variety of genres to choose from in Asia, Europe, and North America.

Key Features of KISS Rock City Mod APK

  • Various modes of play: Free jumping, free singing, dancing, and singing competition
  • Compilation of hits of classical music of every country in the world
  • Thousands of trendy fashionable and personality clothes, for you to coordinate with your style.
  • Create your own room or participate in other people’s rooms.
  • Customize the stage, customize the mode, customize the song you love.

Music games are a fun, entertaining gaming genre. Players create melodies through simple gameplay, beautiful graphics, help people play games, enjoy music to relax. And KISS Rock City is a great game that converges so many great elements that an entertainment game needs to bring us.

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