Last Survive – Chicken Dinner APK v1.5 (Mod Ammo)

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  • Update: November 30, 2017 at 2:23 pm
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In all battles, the last survivor is the winner. This is the motto of the latest multiplayer fighting game, Last Survive – Chicken Dinner FPS mobile games for those who love fighting games.
Game Last Survive – Chicken Dinner simulates a battle in the city center, which is known as the trap of death, which transforms players into characters in the game to fight and survive.

Download Last Survive – Chicken Dinner APK v1.5 (Mod Ammo) for Android

The character in the game is inspired by the real human face so that you can clearly use the first person view in the game, each character has a different way of fighting and weapons players. The freedom of choosing a character for yourself in that mighty army, the decisive nature of the battle is the player’s ability to survive, no rules, no teammates who want to win must be skilled in the use of weapons, observed and responded to unexpected situations. The weapon of the game is the gun, depending on the combat players will choose the appropriate guns. In the building, every wall, every staircase can be an enemy’s residence, not only with careful attention to the enemy but also with a quick reaction to fighting with his intelligence to defeat others. In the game, players experience the harsh, dramatic suspense of a battle in the most authentic and vivid.

Join the game Last Survive – Chicken Dinner to equip yourself with weapons to fight from arsenals and resources. A strong soldier must have good weapons, simulate all the most modern guns that are characterized by a series of action games. Players can make the most of the in-game experience to improve their ability to earn guns, especially in areas marked on the map, a modern weapon that can change the game’s appearance. fight. In addition, players equipped with equipment to protect the character, protective gear including hats, armor, mask, food, and drink. Each type has a price level corresponding to the function and durability. All we need is survival in the real and fierce battlefield.

With 3D graphics, the battlefield in the game is more realistic and powerful. Every single application is invested in quality, from elevators, stairs are designed to access different floors, to exploit different strategies. Not only is online gaming entertaining, this is not just a playground to relax, Last Survive – Chicken Dinner is also a place to exchange friends through the open world. Maybe it’s because of that that the game is suitable for everyone, especially those with hobbies with action games.

With constantly updated features, in the latest version, the player is optimized for battle reminders, optimized login interfaces, increased combat capabilities, and production of the device. In addition, users can enjoy the night scene. Not only meet the entertainment needs of users, Last Survive – Chicken Dinner also create highly competitive value in the market. Currently, the latest update with full features is available on the Google Play store.

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