Last X: One Battleground One Survivor APK (Update v1.0) Mod


Welcome to the survival game – Last X: One Battleground One Survivor! The game has only one rule principle here: try yourself to survive until the end. You feel hidden skills as well as the preferred use of weapons. Want to learn a game that can make you highly focused. Players have the opportunity to try out guns, experience the battle for survival in small hopes. Become an undefeated person who does not fall under an enemy.

Download Last X: One Battleground One Survivor APK v1.0 Mod for Android

In this game, you will fight alone in a 3×3 cubic simulated battlefield. There are 23 players around you; you can find and use weapons to eliminate opponents in any way you know, kill as much as possible, kill off always get more points. It not only shows you have the skills and experience but also the ability to survive sustainably. Also, you can hide in the dark, like a ghost, baby monster silent knife or sword or something to kill the opponent, especially the last name, kill it means you will be the winner. Remember, everything you see can make your life far away, even if it’s just a tire or a tank.

The dark battlefield scene is terrifying; the weapons hang over the walls. Enemies of all types have up to 23 names. So what does the application provide to defeat them?
The best combat vehicle on the battlefield is in your pocket. And some of the following may be typical:

  • With Godview, players can detect, move, shoot, escape wholly and quickly silent!
  • Back on a real battlefield without any dizzying, anxious phenomena!
  • Pace warning and investigation tools. Never miss any of enemies walk!
  • Battlegrounds are not just on your computer! Players can take it everywhere!

Live or die make your choice right!
Short or long distance? Become the master of your weapons!
Camouflage! Hide! Silence can bring survival to the player even in a split second.

Welcome to the ambitious world!
Set traps: Create your dangerous traps. Let the enemy have no way out!
Arms available: Ready to attack anytime, anywhere!
Establish investigation mechanism: No opponents can dodge!

The application also provides some new support including
Supported languages: English, Thai, Cantonese, Chinese
Replace the download page
Add a practice section for players to get to know the game.
Enter your account and login to FB
Add some props and new weapons
Change the background music for the game.

In addition to more details about the game Last X: One Battleground One Survivor, the current application has not been released. However, the software also has the address to join the homepage of the application. This is a highly entertaining game, suitable for adventurous, scary people, requiring participants to have good memory and skills. If you are confident in the ability to hide and hide your search, try it, the app certainly will not disappoint you.

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