Legacy of Heroes (Update v1.0.5) Mod Skills/Mana/Damage

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  • Update: October 3, 2017 at 12:18 pm
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Legacy of Heroes is a new engaging mobile role-playing game, driving your favorite heroes and join in fierce battles outside the dark battlefield. Legacy of Heroes for Android is a true tactical game, that is, you will have to use your skills and use your mind to win every battle.

Download Legacy of Heroes APK Mod v1.0.5 Skills/Mana/Damage latest for Android

If you are so familiar with the Legacy of Heroes PC game, Legacy of Heroes is an intriguing mobile game that is hard to ignore. When you join, you will be offered some free generals, use those generals for the first time battles, try to win and bring in a lot of money to unlock all the generals. Each general will have the different skills, designed in the class of characters such as magicians, gladiators, blows… so will be able to this generals overpower other generals, this has meant that you will play better than the majority of the opponent if you can choose the general can overpower the opponent’s general.

There will be a lot of maps and how to play for you to try, but most familiar is still playing PvP arena 5vs5 justice. This mode is a large map, including 3 main roads, and two large forest fields on either side of the team. To win your team will have to destroy the enemy’s main house. To do this, you will have to fight fiercely with your opponent.
The items in the game are varied, you will have to choose the weapons suitable for your generals to promote strength. Team spirit also plays a very important role it occupies 50% of the role in a victory. So let’s try to help, with the teammates taking part in individual battles.

The highlight of Legacy of Heroes APK is the great graphics built on the Unity 3D platform, so all the characters, and movement while playing are very smooth. Also because of the graphics of the game is quite good, you need to use a strong device (requires 2GB of RAM to play the best).
Right after the launch of 3 days, Legacy of Heroes APK Mod has reached 10000 downloads on the Google Play app and is growing very fast. Join the gaming community and fight with gamers all over the world.

Mod: Skills costs 0 mana in battle/x10 damage

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